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From COO of United Airlines during the 9/11 to his tenure as CEO of NEW Rentals, Andy has a proven ability to lead through unpredictable adversity to success.
In this PRO Perspective, Rob Chandler & Jeff Barbles of Lone Star Partners discuss transitioning from brokers to developers with CREXi's Matt Cors.
Listen to CREXi’s Paul Cohen chat with The Retail Focus Podcast team about the CREXi platform, impacts of COVID on the retail sector & future CRE trends.
Smart commercial real estate investment requires proper due diligence. Principles and tenants alike benefit from well-researched data and insights to make the best possible business decisions. Salt Lake City is one such...
Matt Cors was recently featured on Tech Nest: The Real Estate and Tech Show talking about CREXi and the rise of technology in commercial real estate. Matt and host Nate Smoyer discussed...
In the face of the current market uncertainty, we wanted to provide our users with insights into trends we’ve observed in our marketplace and database of properties. We hope these insights will...

Lessons Learned Part IV: Broker Advice from Around the US

We reached out to brokers to ask them what their star pieces of advice would be learned from decades of working in the commercial real estate industry.


Why the Best Commercial Real Estate Brokers Embrace CRE Tech

From online marketplaces to virtual tours to blockchain syndications, innovation is forcing those in CRE to reevaluate their respective value propositions.

What Stephen Gostkowski and Commercial Real Estate Brokers Have in Common

We break down what New England Patriots kicker Stephen Gostkowski and commercial real estate brokers have in common. Not too crazy, actually.

CRE Tech

Is the Commercial Real Estate Market Underexposed?

We asked our experienced CREXi team and pulled together our top ten list to survive the ever-exciting ISCS RECon.

Why Embrace Commercial Real Estate Tech Today?

When discussing our company mission with a well-known investor he asked one wise and Buddha-like question in its simplicity: “why now?” While I had immediate answers, I continue to ponder the question. The entrepreneur says “why not now” and presses forward. Why should anything happen NOW and not tomorrow?...

Market Trends

Federal and Regional Updates that Impact CRE

Read up to see how the federal and local governments are working to relieve the impacts from COVID-19.

CREXi Q&A: Glen Kunofsky and the Impact of COVID-19 on CRE

Glen Kunofsky is the Founder and Chairman of the NNN Pro Group and is a Senior Director of...

Latest News

CREXi & Realogy Partnership – What This Integration Means for CRE

The integration streamlines adding and updating listings, automatically importing an agent’s dashboard straight to the CREXi marketplace daily.

GlobeSt.: Will This Pandemic Change the Long-Term Future of CRE?

CREXi's Chief Strategy Officer, Eli Randel chatted with Globe Street on the global pandemic and what can be expected for commercial real estate.

Mergermarket: CREXi’s Growth Amidst COVID-19

The coronavirus global pandemic has put CREXi in a strong position, with the goal and ability to acquire a smaller, emerging CRETech startup.

CREXi Raises $30M Series B Funding to Enhance Commercial Real Estate Ecosystem

Commercial real estate's fastest-growing marketplace, data, and technology platform will benefit CRE professionals, investors, principals and tenants.

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Choosing the right loan is among the most important decisions you make in any purchase. CREXi outlines 5 Things to Avoid in your next CRE Loan.

CREXi Leads Omaha into the World of CRE Tech

Discover what makes Nebraska's Silicon Prairie such a rich opportunity for sellers, brokers and investors with CREXi Insights.

Investor Profile: A Look into Activist Investor Jonathan Litt

Prominent CRE activist investor Jonathan Litt understands lease details, values, renovation costs, management – and it's paid off significantly.

4 Ways CRE Tech Has Changed the Deal Process for the Better

Get a rundown of some game-changing technology improving and streamlining the commercial real estate deal flow process.

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