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CREXi's CPO discusses the current state of CRETech, its trajectory over the next ten years, and how it might transform commercial real estate for the better.
Check out what's new on CREXi. Updates on new features, bug fixes & enhancements straight from our Product Team to improve your CRE goals.
In this PRO Perspective webinar, Dan & Yannis discuss creating a strong CRE company ethos and navigating investor patterns emerging from coronavirus.
Tenants, buyers & principals nationwide are exploring Tampa for CRE investments. CREXi's powerful, tech-driven platform highlights the opportunities.
Listen in on Mike's recent conversation with Two-Sided: The Marketplace Podcast to hear his take on all things CREXi & modernizing commercial real estate.
Read our take on the Millionacres' interview with CREXi's CEO and where Mike sees changes and opportunities for CRE investors.

Want to Break into Commercial Real Estate: Here's Some Advice

There's no shortage of applicants for commercial real estate opportunities. It's competitive, so what can applicants do to break in more effectively?


PRO Perspective: Lone Star Partners and Transitioning from Broker to Developer

In this PRO Perspective, Rob Chandler & Jeff Barbles of Lone Star Partners discuss transitioning from brokers to developers with CREXi's Matt Cors.

PRO Perspective: Jay Oshlonsky and Managing Through Crisis

National Director Paul Cohen chatted with NAI President & CEO Jay Oshlonsky as a part of our PRO Perspective webinar series.

CRE Tech

Why the Best Commercial Real Estate Brokers Embrace CRETech

From online marketplaces to virtual tours to blockchain syndications, innovation is forcing those in CRE to reevaluate their respective value propositions.

Property Email Campaign Myth Busters

Creating good email campaigns can mean the life or death of your property listing sale. Learn the tricks of the trade to become an eBlast master.

Market Trends

CREXi Q&A: Andy Studdert on COVID-19 and the Future of CRE

From COO of United Airlines during the 9/11 to his tenure as CEO of NEW Rentals, Andy has a proven ability to lead through unpredictable adversity to success.

Paul Cohen on The Retail Focus Podcast

Listen to CREXi’s Paul Cohen chat with The Retail Focus Podcast team about the CREXi platform, impacts of COVID on the retail sector & future CRE trends.

Latest News

What’s New: CREXi Product Release for June 2020

Check out what's new on CREXi. Updates on new features, bug fixes & enhancements straight from our Product Team to improve your CRE goals.

Uptick in Loan Note Interest Keeps Money Moving

In the face of the current market uncertainty, we wanted to provide our users with insights into trends we’ve observed in our...

CREXi & Realogy Partnership – What This Integration Means for CRE

The integration streamlines adding and updating listings, automatically importing an agent’s dashboard straight to the CREXi marketplace daily.

GlobeSt.: Will This Pandemic Change the Long-Term Future of CRE?

CREXi's Chief Strategy Officer, Eli Randel chatted with Globe Street on the global pandemic and what can be expected for commercial real estate.

Popular Articles

Commercial Real Estate Loans: 5 Borrowing Pitfalls to Avoid

Choosing the right loan is among the most important decisions you make in any purchase. CREXi outlines 5 Things to Avoid in your next CRE Loan.

CREXi Leads Omaha into the World of CRE Tech

Discover what makes Nebraska's Silicon Prairie such a rich opportunity for sellers, brokers and investors with CREXi Insights.

Investor Profile: A Look into Activist Investor Jonathan Litt

Prominent CRE activist investor Jonathan Litt understands lease details, values, renovation costs, management – and it's paid off significantly.

Is the Commercial Real Estate Market Underexposed?

We asked our experienced CREXi team and pulled together our top ten list to survive the ever-exciting ISCS RECon.

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