Crexi Auctions Update | October 2020

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Buyers: Check Out Our Upcoming Auction Events

We’re already a few weeks into Q4 2020, and the timing is most ripe to explore an online auction as the best way to acquire commercial real estate. Take a look at the calendar below to see our upcoming Crexi Auction events for the month of October. Don’t miss out on these investment opportunities!

A calendar of upcoming event dates on CREXi Auction

Brokers and Sellers: Close by Year End

Our team is actively supporting clients who want to transact before year end. Whether you’re a broker or seller, our team of online CRE auctions experts can help you liquidate before 2020 comes to a close. Take a look at our Auction Event Calendar below to get a better idea of remaining auction event opportunities and when you should take advantage of our certainty of close.

Chart detailing upcoming auction dates on CREXi's Auction platform

Auction Deals Live: By the Numbers

Currently, Crexi Auctions has 30+ properties available for purchase. Check out these assets to learn more about their respective 48-hour bidding windows before these assets are gone:

A chart with the amount of properties in each asset type on CREXi Auction: 4 multifamily, 6 land assets, 8 retail, and 5 office.

Why Sell Your Property in Q4?

With less than 90 days remaining in 2020, investors looking to fill out their balance sheets before the year’s end are on the search for the perfect property for their investment needs. Buyers are looking, making the fourth quarter the ideal time to list your property for auction and close before New Year’s. Here we dive into our top reasons why Q4 is a great time to sell your commercial real estate.

1. Six months of a stale market will energize buyer activity

Following six months into COVID, the conclusion of the election, and other markers of market uncertainty, many investors will likely consider Q4-2020 as a relatively stable period in which to deploy funds before the year ends. Buyers will want to take advantage of the tax benefits available by investing before the end of the fiscal year as well as historically low interest rates.

2. Auctions will likely be a primary acquisition strategy for buyers in Q4

The end of the year always arrives faster than expected, with organizations rushing to meet stakeholder and client quotas. Auctions provide a uniquely speedy format of acquiring commercial property, with a set event date, bidding window, and 30-day surety of close. Sellers looking for a way to dispose of assets quickly need to look no further than an online auction event to find a willing, committed buyer before the end of the year.

3. Auctions create a year-end sense of urgency for buyers

Like Black Friday and the holiday shopping season at large, auction events create a perceived sense of urgency for buyers looking to deploy capital as they round out their commercial real estate investment portfolio before next year.

4. End 2020 on a high note

We can all agree this year played out varied dramatically from any expectations. What better way to end the year successfully disposing of an asset without the risk of falling out of escrow? If your property’s been on the market longer than expected, don’t let that stop you from closing on a sale before 2020’s end.

Want to Learn More? 

Explore our Auctions overview page to learn more about our product offering. Here, you can fill out the lead form so we know you’re interested. In response, you will be contacted to schedule a 1:1 with an auction expert, at a time that works best for you.

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Anthony Gaitan
Anthony Gaitan
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