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6 Cheapest Places for Commercial Real Estate Investing

These six cities make up some of the most affordable and promising ROI investment options on the commercial real estate market today.

How to Convert Your Office Into a Coworking Space 

Everyone from startups to Fortune 500s are using them - read our tips on how to transition from an old-fashioned office into a 21st-century coworking space.

How to Find and Finance Your Next Multifamily Property

Finding your next multifamily investment can be challenging, especially in today’s market — learn how to improve your chances of maximizing your returns.

How to Plan Office Space for Startups

With a surge in new businesses, many will soon look for larger office space — here’s some essential things to know about planning office space for startups.

What to Do When Your For-Lease Space Remains Empty

Although commercial market recovery is well on its way, some property investors are still having trouble finding suitable tenants for their spaces.

The Net-lease Opportunities in Ghost Kitchens

Learn more about the growing CRE sector as guest author Landan Dory walks us through the net-lease opportunities available by investing in ghost kitchens.

8 Tips for Commercial Property Leasing

These key fundamental tips on commercial property leasing will help you minimize risk and understand your goals when renting out your commercial property.

Post-Pandemic Office Amenities Tenants Want

As tenant expectations have evolved, landlords have an opportunity to implement new policies and add new features or amenities to support tenant satisfaction.

What Commercial Real Estate Investors Need to Know About Hybrid Work

In a world of rolling lockdowns and hybrid work, here’s what commercial real estate investors and business owners need to know to adapt and thrive.

Tips for Converting Your Commercial Property’s Use

It’s never been easier to turn your old warehouse, office, or hotel into residential housing — learn our top tips for converting the use of your commercial property.

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