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Six Advantages of Investing in Commercial Parking Lots

There's a lot of investment value to be found in obscure corners of the real estate market, and one such niche is the commercial parking lot sector.

How to Find the Best Broker for Your Specific Property

A broker can help streamline the selling process, saving you time and effort while helping you capitalize on your sale. However, finding the right broker is crucial.

8 Pros and Cons of Investing in Self-Storage

Among the many investment opportunities to consider, self-storage has emerged as a promising one with potential for consistent revenue.

9 Tips for Buying a Medical Office Building

Investing in medical office buildings (MOBs) can add depth, strength, and resilience to a commercial real estate portfolio.

What Is a Capitalization Rate?

A cap rate is a number that tells an investor what kind of return they can expect on a property and how long it’ll take for them to make back the purchase price.

13 Common Commercial Real Estate Lease Clauses 

A commercial lease is one of the most consequential and far-reaching contracts that any business can enter. A company’s rent is a huge factor in...

What Is Cost Segregation and How Does It Benefit Property Buyers?

Commercial investing occurs at an order of magnitude more challenging than investing in residential property. If you want to buy a residential rental investment...

How to Diversify Your Investments With Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate investments offer a viable and reliable sector into which to invest capital and diversify your portfolio.

How to Convert Your Office Into a Coworking Space 

Everyone from startups to Fortune 500s are using them - read our tips on how to transition from an old-fashioned office into a 21st-century coworking space.

How to Find and Finance Your Next Multifamily Property

Finding your next multifamily investment can be challenging, especially in today’s market — learn how to improve your chances of maximizing your returns.

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