Jessica Ho

Jessica has 5+ years of experience in journalism and copywriting, with an emphasis on digital content. Prior to joining Crexi's content marketing team, she worked in creative marketing with a freelance portfolio focused on real estate trends and new technologies.

Office Trends for Investors: Why We’re Still Bullish

In the face of pandemic reverberations and economic headwinds, the office asset class has seen its fair share of challenges these past few years....

What Is Net Operating Income?

Building wealth through real estate involves more than renting out a property, flipping and selling a house, or buying into a Real Estate Investment...

7 Most Affordable Cities for Multifamily Investing

Albuquerque, Buffalo, and Oklahoma City are some of our top picks for the most affordable and value-add markets for multifamily investing.

The Detroit Commercial Real Estate Market

As the largest city in Michigan, Detroit benefits from years of urban revitalization and is now ripe with opportunity for commercial real estate investment...

8 Cities with Highest Industrial Demand in 2022

When it comes to industrial properties, some cities are hotter tickets than others. If you're an investor looking for the best markets to put...

7 Surprising Markets With Strong CRE Forecasts

Kingsport, Tennessee, and Portland, Maine, are on our list of seven markets to watch with surprisingly strong commercial real estate forecasts.

The Birmingham Commercial Real Estate Market

Birmingham represents a growing and thriving market where commercial real estate investors and tenants alike can participate and find success.  Crexi provides Birmingham commercial real...

Cap Rate Formula for Commercial Real Estate: What It Is and How It Works

The capitalization rate, or the cap rate, is a way to figure out the rate of return that you expect to generate on your real estate investment property.

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