Shanti Ryle

Content Marketing Manager

Shanti leads Crexi's content marketing strategies with 7+ years of content development experience, creating everything from blog posts to award-winning podcasts. Previously, she worked on content teams at Snapchat, Weedmaps, and HopSkipDrive as well as developed copy, articles, and media for freelance publications.

Investing in Student Housing in 2023 

Investing in student housing presents a novel opportunity for commercial real estate investors to build wealth in a less crowded corner of the multifamily sector.

The State of the Hospitality Sector in 2023 

The hospitality sector looks set for rapid change over the next few years: here’s how commercial real estate investors should consider these shifts as opportunities.

The New World of Delaware Statutory Trusts

This episode explores the rising influence and opportunity in Delaware Statutory Trusts with Ben Carmona and Ehud Gersten of Perch Wealth.

How Top Brokers Use Crexi: Your Favorite Tools

Whether you’re just getting started or you’re a seasoned PRO, this list provides a clear window into some of Crexi's most valuable broker technology tools.

The Central Valley Commercial Real Estate Market

California’s Central Valley is a large, varied region in the central area of the state, offering plentiful commercial real estate opportunities across asset types.

What To Know When Renting an Office in 2023

As companies adjust operations in response to the changing landscape of work, renting an office in 2023 is no small feat. Consider the following in your search.

Investment Trends to Watch in 2023

This podcast episode highlights key trends and expert investor advice to carry into 2023 with Fernando De Leon, CEO of De Leon Capital.

How to Find a Commercial Real Estate Buyer

Finding a commercial real estate buyer can be difficult if you don't know where to start: this article explores the basics of CRE marketing.

The Best Cities to Buy Land in 2023

These top cities to buy land offer exciting opportunities for savvy investors to diversify portfolios and build long-term wealth. 

Everything You Need to Know About Commercial Real Estate Investing

Our ultimate guide covers anything and everything you need to know about investing in commercial real estate.

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