Shanti Ryle

Content Marketing Manager

Shanti leads Crexi's content marketing strategies with 7+ years of content development experience, creating everything from blog posts to award-winning podcasts. Previously, she worked on content teams at Snapchat, Weedmaps, and HopSkipDrive as well as developed copy, articles, and media for freelance publications.

Uptick in Loan Note Interest Keeps Money Moving

While CRE responds to the pandemic, our team looks into the data to share insights we’ve observed from our marketplace & database of properties.

Crexi Q&A: Brandy Smith on COVID-19 and the Future of CRE

Crexi chats with Brandy to gain her insights into the state of CRE, the impact of the coronavirus, and advice for navigating CRE in the wake of current events.

How The Market’s Historically Handled Crises

We examine financial and natural disasters to identify what worked, what didn’t, and what's applicable to our current situation.

What Is a Commercial Lease & How Does It Work?

Learn about commercial leases, the different types of contracts, how rates are quoted, and potential pitfalls while negotiating.

Federal and Regional Updates that Impact CRE

Read up to see how the federal and local governments are working to relieve the impacts from COVID-19.

Crexi Q&A: Glen Kunofsky and the Impact of COVID-19 on CRE

This CRE pro has a record of brokering, acquiring, and managing properties valuing over $5.5B throughout the US.

Medical Office Space Attracts Attention Amid Coronavirus

Understandably, the medical office sector is experiencing massive emergency demand in the face of the coronavirus pandemic, but don't be too quick to react.

Crexi Unites Fresno Commercial Real Estate with Online Marketplace

Discover what makes this California city such a rich opportunity for sellers, brokers and investors with Crexi's Insights.

Our Thoughts on the State of Commercial Real Estate

Follow Crexi as we dive into the data and give actionable insights into CRE while we navigate the changing landscape of the industry together.

Crexi Empowers Bakersfield Commercial Brokers, Buyers, and Tenants

Discover what makes this California city such a rich opportunity for sellers, brokers and investors with Crexi Insights.

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