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Content Marketing Manager

Shanti leads Crexi's content marketing strategies with 7+ years of content development experience, creating everything from blog posts to award-winning podcasts. Previously, she worked on content teams at Snapchat, Weedmaps, and HopSkipDrive as well as developed copy, articles, and media for freelance publications.

6 Cities for Cheapest Real Estate in the US in 2023

These six cities offer some of the most affordable and promising ROI investment options on the commercial real estate market next year.

The Minneapolis Commercial Real Estate Market

The Minneapolis commercial real estate market features a thriving cultural scene, growing economy, and plentiful investment opportunities.

The Pittsburgh Commercial Real Estate Market

Learn how Pittsburgh has redefined itself from the “Steel City” into a thriving tech center, ripe with potential commercial real estate opportunities.

The San Jose Commercial Real Estate Market

It’s home to major global corporations, manufacturers, unicorns, start-ups, and incubators — learn all about the San Jose commercial real estate market.

An Introduction to How to Buy Commercial Property

Demand for commercial property will continue to be fueled by economic growth, the need for space, and increasing investment across asset classes.

The Oklahoma City Commercial Real Estate Market

Learn what makes Oklahoma City’s commercial real estate market an enticing option for active buyers, tenants, and entrepreneurs.

The Denver Commercial Real Estate Market

Learn how Denver commercial real estate market players research, discover, and close more deals faster using Crexi's CRE platform.

5 Reasons to Auction Property Online

As technology streamlines CRE,  more people are adopting digital tools. Here are a few reasons to consider online auctions as a choice for selling your property.

Everything to Know About Investing in Pharmacies

Demand for pharmacy investments is outpacing the supply thanks to investors preferring to focus on essential retailers — learn everything you need to know.

Everything to Know About Ghost Kitchens

Learn why investors are taking note of Ghost Kitchens and why the niche asset class is predicted to nearly double in size over the next five years.

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