Building by Building: A CRE Legend’s Philosophy

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This episode dives into business-building strategies and decades of CRE mastery with Paul Massey, CEO/Founder of B6 Real Estate Advisors.

The Crexi Podcast explores various aspects of the commercial real estate industry in conversation with some of the top CRE professionals in the space. In each episode, we feature different guests to tap into their wealth of CRE expertise and explore the latest trends and updates from the world of commercial real estate. 

In this episode, Crexi’s Ashley Kobovitch sits in the studio as Paul shares his journey from his early career at CBRE to creating Massey Knakal Realty Services and establishing B6 Real Estate Advisors. Offering valuable insights about investing and managing in the commercial real estate space, Paul emphasizes specialization, discipline, and being a servant leader as key tenets for success in this industry. He also shares his positive outlook for the industry’s imminent recovery and encourages young professionals aspiring to enter the commercial real estate workforce.

Their wide ranging conversation includes:

  • Introduction and Guest Background
  • Paul Massey’s Early Life and Career
  • Founding of Massey Knakal and its Success
  • Paul Massey’s Political Career
  • Launch of B6 Real Estate Advisors
  • Paul Massey’s Personal Life
  • Interview Begins: Paul’s Journey into Real Estate
  • Lessons from Early Career Challenges
  • Navigating Financial Difficulties
  • Mentorship and Career Highlights
  • Paul’s Political Career and Mayoral Run
  • Work Ethic and Personal Habits
  • Starting B6 Real Estate Advisors
  • The Philosophy of “Building by Building, Block by Block”
  • The Importance of Discipline and Specialization
  • The Role of Culture in Business Success
  • The Power of Teamwork and Delegation
  • The Value of Specialization in Business
  • The Evolution of Business Models
  • The Impact of Market Changes on Business
  • The Importance of Training and Development
  • The Art of Client Differentiation
  • The Power of Mentorship and Community Involvement
  • The Current State of Commercial Real Estate
  • Advice for Young Professionals Entering the Market
  • The Future of Commercial Real Estate & Sign-offs

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About Paul Massey:

Paul Massey was born in Boston, Massachusetts, where he attended the Roxbury Latin School. He graduated from Colgate University with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics in 1983.

Mr. Massey began his career at CBRE and soon became head of the market research department in Midtown Manhattan, then as an investment sales broker.

He founded Massey Knakal Realty Services with his colleague Robert A. Knakal, whom he met at CBRE. The company became the New York metropolitan area’s dominant commercial investment sales brokerage firm. With over 225 employees serving more than 200,000 property owners, Massey Knakal Realty Services was consistently ranked New York’s #1 investment sales firm in volume for 14 consecutive years.

As CEO of Massey Knakal, he led the development of the firm’s strategic initiatives, including geographic expansion as well as the growth of the firm’s service lines. At the end of 2014, Cushman & Wakefield acquired Massey Knakal, and Mr. Massey was appointed President, New York Investment Sales.

In 2017, Paul Massey ran as a Mayoral Candidate for New York City, primarily focusing on education, housing and homelessness while providing solutions for improving quality of life in the city.

In July 2018, Mr. Massey and his partners launched a new commercial brokerage firm, B6 Real Estate Advisors, short for “Building By Building, Block By Block.” The investment sales and capital advisory firm specializes in middle-market ($1-$200 million). The firm employs a distinct Territory Network model that ensures its agents’ sub-market expertise, an owner-aligned philosophy, and a technology-forward platform.

Mr. Massey is a member of numerous organizations, including REBNY and The Lower East Side Tenement Museum. He is also an amateur boxer and an avid skier. He and his wife, Gretchen, have three children: a son, Paul III, and daughters, Sarah and Greta. He resides in Larchmont, NY.

About Crexi:

Crexi is reimagining commercial real estate, building industry-leading software for professionals to more effectively market, analyze, and trade commercial property. With a suite of due diligence tools, transaction services, deal pipeline support, and a dynamic listing marketplace, Crexi accelerates deal efficiency and has empowered millions of monthly users to close more than $615 billion in deals and market over $7 trillion in property value. 

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