Building Your Due Diligence Toolkit with Interactive Maps

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The classic adage in commercial real estate persists as the pinnacle qualifier for measuring a property’s value: location, location, location. From raw land acquisitions, to new developments, to dispositions, and everything in between, understanding what makes a particular property worthy of your attention has much to do with its context. 

These maps showcase insights into a current location or property’s demographics data, so you know what age groups, income levels, and population shifts are occurring nearby. Foot traffic and points of interest show existing and internal draws near a property, informing your current or potential investment’s in situ value and making it easier to transact when you’re ready to make your next move. 

Crexi’s Interactive Maps were designed to instantly provide property-seekers accurate and up-to-date, valuable information about any market of interest. No matter the reasons for your research or CRE goals, here are the most valuable ways to employ the many layers of Crexi’s Interactive Maps feature.

Why You Should Use Interactive Maps

The Interactive Maps feature was designed to give Crexi users in-depth information about a given area or commercial property. 

Due diligence and research are two of the most critical components in any commercial property deal-making process. Investors and brokers alike utilize this market data and analytics to inform their investment decisions and identify properties for their needs. 

With different data points such as population count, median income levels, traffic count, and nearby points of interest, Interactive Maps allows users to make more informed investing and valuation decisions.

Getting Started with Interactive Maps

To find Crexi’s Interactive Maps, either perform a search on Crexi and click the “Overlays” icon to select what information you want displayed directly on the map. 

Alternatively, click on a listing page and scroll down for a detailed breakdown of different overlays. Zoom in and out of the map, and the information will change to scale with your boundary view.

Different Views in Interactive Maps

Population count (free)

In this mode, view population count based on the latest census, separated by block group, tract, zip code, county, or state, depending on your zoom level. Click within the outline to get exact counts. This view is free to all Crexi users, giving you detailed 1-3-5 radius demographic insights for your market or property of interest. Quickly understand which neighborhoods are most up-and-coming before investing in your next restaurant or breaking ground on a new multifamily building.

Median income (paid)

This view details an area’s median income levels, separated by block group, tract, zip code, county, or state, depending on your zoom level. Click within the outline to get the exact median income, which is a handy tool for deciding where and whether to open your new luxury store or acquire a QSR dining space, as a few examples.

Traffic count (paid)

This view shows the number of vehicles that pass by per day. Click on the map’s green, yellow, or red circles to see different traffic levels in a given area. Grocery stores on a high-trafficked Main x Main intersection may see the most cars and demand the highest value, but using traffic counts, you can find a similarly trafficked location that may yield a more advantageous ROI. 

Points of interest (paid)

Points of interest produces a map view that includes restaurants, gas stations, airports, schools, and banks, displaying additional information provided by Google. These POIs are invaluable, especially for consumer-focused operators, such as multifamily or retail owners. Want to attract your current and future employees to your office? It makes sense to lease your next space near restaurants and other convenient shopping and stops – POIs makes it easy to find these attractive landmarks. 

How Stakeholders Use Interactive Maps Data

We’ve interviewed some of our Intelligence users to learn how they harness Interactive Maps to conduct their day-to-day business.

Find high-trafficked retail spaces

Retail owners and tenants love the foot traffic and traffic count layers of Crexi’s map functionality. When searching for a new retail space or investment, the number of people who frequent a given neighborhood or street plays a crucial role in that business’ success. Especially in urban centers where walkability and easy-to-get-to locations are essential, knowing how many people are already passing by your future business location can give owners/operators a leg up.

Traffic counts will provide you with an approximate vehicle per day (VPD) number, letting you know in advance whether you’ll see too few or even too many cars pass your building. Diving further into a specific property page, Crexi’s foot traffic data (powered in partnership with complements traffic counts and gives you detailed insights into foot traffic trends and changes over time, setting your property up for long-term success. 

Know your future residents

If you’re interested in investing in a multifamily property or developing a new residential project, understanding population and median income levels is necessary for due diligence. Strong population growth and rent-to-income ratios are easy to calculate using the population and median income maps. 

Crexi sources population changes and income shifts from the latest census data, providing verified insights into future rent growth opportunities, vacancy exposure, and more.

A closer look into a particular listing will give insights into a 1-3-5 mile radius view of demographic shifts. Get to know your future neighborhood and understand how future shifts impact your potential ROI with just a few clicks. 

The Bottom Line

When evaluating your next property, Interactive Maps lets you easily see population, income, traffic, and points of interest. Saving time and research efforts, investors and tenants use Crexi’s maps to simplify the due diligence process and find that perfect investment and location faster than ever.

Want to unlock even more power with Interactive Maps? Get started with Crexi Intelligence today.

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