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CREXi Q&A: Glen Kunofsky and the Impact of COVID-19 on CRE

Glen Kunofsky is the Founder and Chairman of the NNN Pro Group and is a Senior Director...

GlobeSt.: Will This Pandemic Change the Long-Term Future of CRE?

CREXi's Chief Strategy Officer, Eli Randel chatted with Globe Street on the global pandemic and what can be expected for commercial real estate.

Medical Office Space Attracts Attention Amid Coronavirus

Understandably, the medical office sector is experiencing massive emergency demand in the face of the coronavirus pandemic, but don't be too quick to react.

Our Thoughts on the State of Commercial Real Estate

Follow CREXi as we dive into the data and give actionable insights into CRE while we navigate the changing landscape of the industry together.

Top Commercial Real Estate Trends in 2020

Discover why the US remains the world’s haven for property investment with over $200B in global equity earmarked for US commercial real estate in 2020.

Trends & Tips For Those Heading To RECon 2018

For those heading to Las Vegas for 2018 ICSC RECON, CREXi has some trends and tips to help you navigate and network.

Retailers Join Forces to Combat Amazon Effect

Following Amazon's purchase of Whole Foods, what will retailers do next to battle the online giant's entry into the brick & mortar game?

Side Street vs Main Street Retails: Who Wins with the Advent of Yelp?

CREXi's Paul Cohen and Eli Randel share their reasoning and thoughts as to who will win in side-street versus main street retail properties.

Urbanization Will Dominate Suburbia In Population Movement Next Cycle

After analyzing the data, interviewing professionals and trusting our experts, we predict urbanization will pull many from the suburbs inward.

A 2017 Industrial Market Analysis Without the Data

Despite the moving market pieces and political volatility which could affect the US capital markets, I muted the noise and “what-if” scenarios, spoke to several trusted advisors, and put my thumb in the air to paint a picture of what I think the 2017 CRE capital markets will look like...

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Tenants, buyers & principals nationwide are exploring Tampa for CRE investments. CREXi's powerful, tech-driven platform highlights the opportunities.

Mike DeGiorgio on Two-Sided: The Marketplace Podcast

Listen in on Mike's recent conversation with Two-Sided: The Marketplace Podcast to hear his take on all things CREXi & modernizing commercial real estate.

Mike DeGiorgio’s CRE Opportunities POV

Read our take on the Millionacres' interview with CREXi's CEO and where Mike sees changes and opportunities for CRE investors.

PRO Perspective: Mike Spears and 2020’s Impact on CRE

CREXi's Steve & Matt chat with Mike about how to adjust leadership strategy during a crisis, take advantage of CREtech and the impact of coronavirus on CRE.

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