Lessons Learned Part I: Broker Advice from Around the US

We reached out to brokers to ask them their star pieces of advice learned from decades of working in the commercial real estate industry.

Lender Profile: An Interview with Ben Jacobson

Discover why Ben Jacobson is known to be an expert in generating, modelling and executing business and his move to Trez Forman.

Investor Profile: An Interview with Tricera Capital Founder Scott Sherman

Few people in recent years have been involved in closing as many high-profile, high-street retail acquisitions as CRE legend Scott Sherman.

Why Embrace Commercial Real Estate Tech Today?

When discussing our company mission with a well-known investor he asked one wise and Buddha-like question in its simplicity: “why now?” While I had immediate answers, I continue to ponder the question. The entrepreneur says “why not now” and presses forward. Why should anything happen NOW and not tomorrow?...

Crexi’s Top 10 Sam Zell Quotes

Credited with having helped create the modern CRE industry, billionaire Sam Zell is a powerhouse in commercial real estate.

A 2017 Industrial Market Analysis Without the Data

For our 2017 market predictions, we stepped away from our computers and into our neighborhoods to speak with our clients and properties.

What are “Off-Market” Commercial Real Estate Deals Today?

What makes a deal “off-market” when the offering is being shared on web platforms designed for mass distribution? This status was generally employed for speed or discretion. A seller would show a deal to a select few known-closers to: dispose quickly; save a broker fee; or avoid alerting sensitive parties to a sale...

4 Ways CRE Tech Has Changed the Deal Process for the Better

Get a rundown of some game-changing technology improving and streamlining the commercial real estate deal flow process.

Crexi Announces $4.3M in Seed Funding from Lerer Hippeau Ventures, Freestyle Capital, and More

Crexi announces the launch of its commercial real estate platform for brokers, buyers, and tenants advancing.

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