The Birmingham Commercial Real Estate Market

Birmingham represents a growing and thriving market where commercial real estate investors and tenants alike can participate and find success.  Crexi provides Birmingham commercial real...

How a Florida Lease Broker Filled Long-Vacant Space with Crexi

Learn how Marc Lewin of TCII Capital Group filled a years-long vacant space within his first 90 days of using Crexi Lease PRO.

Cap Rate Formula for Commercial Real Estate: What It Is and How It Works

The capitalization rate, or the cap rate, is a way to figure out the rate of return that you expect to generate on your real estate investment property.

Why You Should Consider Investing in Land in 2022

Investing in land is a great investment opportunity but does require some research. Learn everything you need to know about buying land parcels in 2022.

How a Chicago Broker Sells and Fills Space with Crexi

Learn how Zach Pruitt of Cawley Chicago has successfully harnessed Crexi PRO to dispose of assets and fill its clients' spaces with high-value tenants.

6 Cities for Cheapest Real Estate in the US in 2023

These six cities offer some of the most affordable and promising ROI investment options on the commercial real estate market next year.

The Minneapolis Commercial Real Estate Market

The Minneapolis commercial real estate market features a thriving cultural scene, growing economy, and plentiful investment opportunities.

The Pittsburgh Commercial Real Estate Market

Learn how Pittsburgh has redefined itself from the “Steel City” into a thriving tech center, ripe with potential commercial real estate opportunities.

The San Jose Commercial Real Estate Market

It’s home to major global corporations, manufacturers, unicorns, start-ups, and incubators — learn all about the San Jose commercial real estate market.

How to Find and Finance Your Next Multifamily Property

Finding your next multifamily investment can be challenging, especially in today’s market — learn how to improve your chances of maximizing your returns.

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