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5 Reasons to Auction Property Online

As technology streamlines CRE,  more people are adopting digital tools. Here are a few reasons to consider online auctions as a choice for selling your property.

The Best of The Crexi Podcast 2021

To cap off a year of learnings and conversation, we’ve curated a collection of your favorite The Crexi Podcast episodes of 2021.

15 Benefits to Offer in Your Office Space

Keeping employees happy is an important part of building an office space - here are some enticing benefits that can attract and retain in-person workers.

Top 5 Lessons for a New Real Estate Commercial Broker

Here are our top five tips that every new real estate commercial broker should keep in mind when getting started in the industry.

5 Signs Your Listing Might be Ripe for Auction

Whether it’s deal fatigue or a fall out of escrow, we've compiled our top five signs your commercial real estate listing may be ready for online auction.

4 Tips to Consider When Renting an Office

Now more than ever preparation for your next office rental matters. Read our top four tips to know before leasing your next office space.

Top 6 Things to Consider When Selling Commercial Real Estate in 2021

While selling commercial real estate is unique for every asset, the fundamentals of the process remain the same. Read our top 6 tips to know before selling.

Top 10 Digital Marketing Tips for Brokers

Here's a breakdown of our top ten tips for digital marketing to help brokers connect with clients more efficiently.

10 Commercial Real Estate Negotiating Tips for First-Time Buyers

First time buyer? Master these 10 negotiating tips to make sure you beat out the competition and get the best deal.

Crexi’s Top 10 Tips for Surviving ICSC RECon

We asked our experienced Crexi team and pulled together our top ten list to survive the ever-exciting ISCS RECon.

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