Case Studies

How a Florida Lease Broker Filled Long-Vacant Space with Crexi

Learn how Marc Lewin of TCII Capital Group filled a years-long vacant space within his first 90 days of using Crexi Lease PRO.

How a Chicago Broker Sells and Fills Space with Crexi

Learn how Zach Pruitt of Cawley Chicago has successfully harnessed Crexi PRO to dispose of assets and fill its clients' spaces with high-value tenants.

How an Appraiser Evaluates Assets with Crexi Intelligence

Learn how Linda Molinari, El Dorado County-based appraiser, uses Crexi Intelligence to quickly and accurately evaluate commercial property and build cases.

How a Former CCIM President Builds Her Client List with Crexi

Learn how Cynthia Shelton and Amy Foote of LandQwest Commercial Orlando develop their networks and close more deals faster with Crexi PRO.

How One Commercial Broker Sold Two Deals in Three Weeks

Learn how Doug Summers harnessed the power of Crexi PRO to successfully list and close two properties in only three weeks.

How One Florida Broker Scaled His Business Nationwide

Learn how Tim Harber used Crexi PRO to scale his commercial real estate business, optimize workflows, and increase his leads by 117.36%.

How One Investor-Turned-Broker Quadrupled His Business in 10 Months

Learn how Arizona-based broker Anthony Masiello won more leads and quadrupled his business in ten months by using Crexi PRO.

How Clark County Sold $115.1M in Property via Online Auction

Read our latest case study to learn how our Auction platform and listing tools have positioned Crexi as the trusted partner in commercial real estate.

How One Broker Grew His Business 500% in 8 Months

Learn how broker Landan Dory closed multiple deals, grew his network, and engaged with hundreds of leads using Crexi PRO.

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