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What’s New: Crexi Product Release for August 2020

Sales comp exports now include more information about property history, ownership history, and financing history. We’ve also doubled the number of sales comps users are able to download per export, from 10 to 20 at a time!

Crexi Q&A: Luke Morris and Designing Commercial Real Estate Tech Products

The Cofounder & Sr. Product Manager sheds light on Crexi's evolution, from startup to CRE's fastest-growing marketplace, data & technology platform.

Crexi Q&A: Hans Ku and CRETech’s Journey

Crexi's CPO discusses the current state of CRETech, its trajectory over the next ten years, and how it might transform commercial real estate for the better.

What’s New: Crexi Product Release for July 2020

Find the broker that is right for you by searching through the newly launched broker directory! Search for brokers based on their location, brokerage, asset type, association, or even the amount of listings they have sold.

Mike DeGiorgio on Two-Sided: The Marketplace Podcast

Listen in on Mike's recent conversation with Two-Sided: The Marketplace Podcast to hear his take on all things Crexi & modernizing commercial real estate.

What’s New: Crexi Product Release for June 2020

Lease PRO is here! We’ve built out exciting features on our lease platform to help Landlord Brokers get connected to more Tenants and Tenant Representation Brokers.

Matt Cors on Tech Nest: The Real Estate and Tech Show

Matt Cors was recently featured on Tech Nest: The Real Estate and Tech Show talking about Crexi and the rise of technology in commercial real estate.

Why the Best Commercial Real Estate Brokers Embrace CRETech

From online marketplaces to virtual tours to blockchain syndications, innovation is forcing those in CRE to reevaluate their respective value propositions.

Property Email Campaign Myth Busters

Creating good email campaigns can mean the life or death of your property listing sale. Learn the tricks of the trade to become an eBlast master.

Is the Commercial Real Estate Market Underexposed?

Crexi offers new and convenient ways to bring buyers and brokers together while streamlining the sales process so CRE will no longer be underexposed.

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