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Why Embrace Commercial Real Estate Tech Today?

When discussing our company mission with a well-known investor he asked one wise and Buddha-like question in its simplicity: “why now?” While I had immediate answers, I continue to ponder the question. The entrepreneur says “why not now” and presses forward. Why should anything happen NOW and not tomorrow?...

What are “Off-Market” Commercial Real Estate Deals Today?

What makes a deal “off-market” when the offering is being shared on web platforms designed for mass distribution? This status was generally employed for speed or discretion. A seller would show a deal to a select few known-closers to: dispose quickly; save a broker fee; or avoid alerting sensitive parties to a sale...

4 Ways CRE Tech Has Changed the Deal Process for the Better

Get a rundown of some game-changing technology improving and streamlining the commercial real estate deal flow process.

Crexi Announces $4.3M in Seed Funding from Lerer Hippeau Ventures, Freestyle Capital, and More

Crexi announces the launch of its commercial real estate platform for brokers, buyers, and tenants advancing.

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