What Is a Capitalization Rate?

A cap rate is a number that tells an investor what kind of return they can expect on a property and how long it’ll take for them to make back the purchase price.

13 Common Commercial Real Estate Lease Clauses 

A commercial lease is one of the most consequential and far-reaching contracts that any business can enter. A company’s rent is a huge factor in...

What Is Cost Segregation and How Does It Benefit Property Buyers?

Commercial investing occurs at an order of magnitude more challenging than investing in residential property. If you want to buy a residential rental investment...

How to Diversify Your Investments With Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate investments offer a viable and reliable sector into which to invest capital and diversify your portfolio.

Understanding the Basics of a Loan Note

In commercial real estate, a loan note, also known as a mortgage note or promissory note, is similar to a more advanced form of an IOU.

The Most Common Types of Commercial Real Estate Loans

Understand how different commercial real estate loan types and lenders can help you achieve your property investment goals.

8 Tips for Commercial Property Leasing

These key fundamental tips on commercial property leasing will help you minimize risk and understand your goals when renting out your commercial property.

Post-Pandemic Office Amenities Tenants Want

As tenant expectations have evolved, landlords have an opportunity to implement new policies and add new features or amenities to support tenant satisfaction.

Everything to Know About a 1031 Exchange

Learn all about how a 1031 exchange works and potential legislative changes affecting investors’ tax deferments in our latest breakdown.

What is Owner Financing for Commercial Property?

Our breakdown covers the basics of owner financing for commercial property sales and how it can create win-win situations for both buyers and sellers.

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