The Different Industrial Building Types Explained

Understand what differentiates industrial building types and what buyers should keep in mind when investing in industrial commercial real estate.

Guide to Finding Commercial Loans for Real Estate

Discover the various methods to acquire commercial loans and the essential things property buyers should know before investing in commercial real estate.

The Basics of Commercial Real Estate Property Types

Understand the fundamental differences between commercial real estate property types and their opportunities with our deep dive into the basics.

Commercial vs Residential Real Estate: Which is Better?

There are many things to consider when investing in property: join us as we dive into the pros and cons of commercial vs residential real estate.

What to Know Before Renting a Commercial Property

Before starting your lease search, review our checklist of everything you need to know before renting a commercial property.

The Best Crexi Insights Posts of 2022

To celebrate another year in the books, we've curated a collection of your favorite Insights posts in 2022.

The Basics of Land Zoning

Zoning seriously impacts how you can develop on land. Learn how to understand and navigate the various rules and pitfalls of land zoning and use laws.

What to Know About Buying Retail in 2020

While COVID has hit Retail hard, the class is beginning to bounce back. Learn what investors need to know about buying retail and what are the best markets.

CRE Insurance & Loss of Income

In 2020, businesses have experienced massive disruptions. In this article, we outline how landlords can help protect themselves from unexpected situations.

The Pros and Cons of Mixed-use Development

Learn about mixed-use development, why the demand for mixed use space continues to grow, and how to find the best mixed use property investments.

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