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How to Find a Commercial Real Estate Buyer

Finding a commercial real estate buyer can be difficult if you don't know where to start: this article explores the basics of CRE marketing.

How to Find Commercial Real Estate Comparables

Commercial real estate can be lucrative, but it's essential to know how to value a property before buying - here’s how real estate comps can help.

How to Convert Your Office Into a Coworking Space 

Everyone from startups to Fortune 500s are using them - read our tips on how to transition from an old-fashioned office into a 21st-century coworking space.

How to Find and Finance Your Next Multifamily Property

Finding your next multifamily investment can be challenging, especially in today’s market — learn how to improve your chances of maximizing your returns.

How to Plan Office Space for Startups

With a surge in new businesses, many will soon look for larger office space — here’s some essential things to know about planning office space for startups.

6 Tips for Moving Your Company to a New Office

For businesses thinking about relocating, check out our tips on successfully moving your company to a new office anywhere across the country.

How To Attract and Keep Commercial Tenants in 2023

To retain quality commercial tenants, owners must create an attractive environment with competitive pricing while considering their long-term investments goals.

How to Become a Commercial Real Estate Developer

While success doesn’t happen overnight, it’s one of CRE’s most lucrative career paths. Learn what it takes to become a commercial real estate developer.

How to Invest in Cannabis Dispensaries and Properties

Don't stumble over the marijuana industry's complexity: check out our breakdown of how to invest in cannabis dispensaries and other commercial properties.

The Basics of Land Zoning

Zoning seriously impacts how you can develop on land. Learn how to understand and navigate the various rules and pitfalls of land zoning and use laws.

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