Debt vs. Equity: Striking the Right Balance in Commercial Real Estate Investments

Deciding between debt and equity financing is going to depend on your specific circumstances, with pros and cons to each option.

9 Things to Know About Fractional Ownership: Investing in Commercial Real Estate Together

With the cost of borrowing money rising and the value of each dollar stretched to its breaking point, some hoping to invest in commercial real estate are having second thoughts. Fortunately, there's another approach: fractional ownership.

How to Profit From Government Programs for Commercial Real Estate Investors

Depending on a property or investment project, investors can reap serious discounts or minimize losses thanks to commercial real estate government programs. 

6 Pros and Cons of Investing in Hotels in 2023

Hotels require high liquidity and an appetite for risk, but overall, the hospitality sector could bring outsized ROI to the savvy investor.

Investing in Student Housing in 2023 

Investing in student housing presents a novel opportunity for commercial real estate investors to build wealth in a less crowded corner of the multifamily sector.

Crexi National Commercial Real Estate Report: February 2023

Our February report covers commercial real estate trends from our marketplace - arming investors, tenants & brokers with the data to make smart decisions.

The State of the Hospitality Sector in 2023 

The hospitality sector looks set for rapid change over the next few years: here’s how commercial real estate investors should consider these shifts as opportunities.

Everything You Need to Know About Commercial Real Estate Investing

Our ultimate guide covers anything and everything you need to know about investing in commercial real estate.

Cap Rate Formula for Commercial Real Estate: What It Is and How It Works

The capitalization rate, or cap rate formula, is a way to determine the return rate you will generate on your real estate investment property.

Why You Should Consider Investing in Land in 2022

Investing in land is a great investment opportunity but does require some research. Learn everything you need to know about buying land parcels in 2022.

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