Should You Invest in Suburban Commercial Real Estate?

Nearly 30% of urban-located millennials moved to the suburbs during COVID-19. This begs the question: should you invest in suburban commercial real estate?

Commercial Real Estate’s Impact on Climate Change

Climate risk manifests itself in commercial real estate in numerous ways: learn to what extent and how the industry can improve in our latest article.

What Does it Cost to Build Out Commercial Offices

Monthly rent is just one expense involved in moving into a new office. Discover the hidden elements behind what it really costs to build out a commercial office.

Understanding the Tax Advantages of a 1031 Exchange

We break down the complexities of the 1031 exchange process to help owners maximize their capital gains when selling commercial real estate.

How to Determine Your Commercial Property Value

In this guide, we break down the multiple factors involved in determining the value of a commercial real estate property.

Why New Buyers Start with Multifamily Investments

Although it requires some homework, check out why multifamily investments are becoming a growing gateway for first-time commercial real estate investors.

How the Exodus from NYC and SF is Creating CRE Investment Opportunities

As metro populations depart to the suburbs post-COVID, investing opportunities are revealing themselves in both San Francisco and New York City.

Crexi National Commercial Real Estate Report: October 2020

Our October report covers commercial real estate trends from our marketplace - arming investors, tenants & brokers with the data to make smart decisions.

Everything to Know About Single Family Rentals

Learn everything you need to know about single-family rental portfolios and why interest has exploded over the last 15 years.

Crexi Q&A: Steven Silverman and Why Buyers are Loving Retail

Steven Silverman of Friedman Real Estate shares why CRE buyers are loving retail assets despite it being one of the most impacted by COVID-19.

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