Commercial Real Estate Loans: 5 Borrowing Pitfalls to Avoid

Choosing the right loan is among the most important decisions you make in any purchase. Crexi outlines 5 Things to Avoid in your next CRE Loan.

10 Commercial Real Estate Negotiating Tips for First-Time Buyers

First time buyer? Master these 10 negotiating tips to make sure you beat out the competition and get the best deal.

5 Things You Must Know Before Investing in Commercial Real Estate

Don't rush into an investment: learn our top five things to keep in mind before getting started in commercial real estate.

Urbanization Will Dominate Suburbia In Population Movement Next Cycle

After analyzing the data, interviewing professionals and trusting our experts, we predict urbanization will pull many from the suburbs inward.

Investor Profile: A Look into the Legend of Dan Gilbert

Learn how owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers and Detroit native Dan Gilbert seized an opportunity to return Detroit to a thriving market.

Investor Profile: A Look into Activist Investor Jonathan Litt

Prominent CRE activist investor Jonathan Litt understands lease details, values, renovation costs, management – and it's paid off significantly.

Lender Profile: An Interview with Ben Jacobson

Discover why Ben Jacobson is known to be an expert in generating, modelling and executing business and his move to Trez Forman.

Investor Profile: An Interview with Tricera Capital Founder Scott Sherman

Few people in recent years have been involved in closing as many high-profile, high-street retail acquisitions as CRE legend Scott Sherman.

A 2017 Industrial Market Analysis Without the Data

For our 2017 market predictions, we stepped away from our computers and into our neighborhoods to speak with our clients and properties.

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