The Boston Commercial Real Estate Market

Learn what makes Boston commercial real estate a promising investment opportunity for tenants and principals in our latest market feature.

The Puerto Rico Commercial Real Estate Market

Learn what makes Puerto Rico a thriving, tropical paradise of commercial real estate opportunities for prospective investors and tenants.

The San Francisco Commercial Real Estate Market

A buzzing tech and finance hub, learn why San Francisco commercial real estate represents one of the highest-value and high-potential markets in the US.

The San Diego Commercial Real Estate Market

Learn why investors and tenants across sectors are turning to the San Diego commercial real estate market as a favorable investment option.

The Seattle Commercial Real Estate Market

Learn why dozens of leading businesses call Seattle’s commercial real estate market, one of the fastest-growing in the country, their home.

How Companies Choose Their Headquarters

The choice of a headquarters location is one of the most critical decisions a company will make: we broke down what's most important to keep in mind.

The Raleigh Commercial Real Estate Market

Learn how Raleigh’s booming tech employment hub and surging population growth are attracting commercial investors and tenants to NC’s “City of Oaks.”

The Austin Commercial Real Estate Market

Learn why Austin, Texas is leading the charge as one of the US' fastest-growing and most promising commercial real estate investment markets.

The Memphis Commercial Real Estate Market

See what makes Memphis, Home of the Blues, a promising investment option for commercial property buyers and tenants.

The Philadelphia Commercial Real Estate Market

Discover what makes Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly Love, a hotspot for commercial real estate investing and property-seeking tenants.

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