Climate Factors: Crexi’s Newest Feature Enables Smarter CRE Decision-Making

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Proper due diligence and investment research are among the most crucial aspects of making any commercial real estate decision. Both investors and brokers utilize market analytics and research to inform their acquisition process and find the best possible property for their needs. In partnership with First Street Foundation, the Crexi team is proud to introduce to our users the latest research offering on our platform: Climate Factors.

Climate Factors are an entirely new category of data on Crexi, allowing users to identify how climate change could impact potential acquisitions, as well as help them make more informed investment decisions. Read on to learn more about the valuable ways Climate Factors can enhance property searches and how to incorporate it into your research process.

A screenshot of Climate Factors' flood risk view on Crexi

What is Climate Factors?

Climate Factors is the latest addition to Crexi’s search offering, allowing users critical insight into climate change’s current or potential impact on a property. Climate data now appears on each property page and provides a high-level overview of major flood and fire risk contributors over time, based on environmental factors and building data. 

How to use Climate Factors

Flood and fire factors make it easy to determine whether a property has flooded or been impacted by wildfires in the past. Additionally, a user can determine whether a property is currently at risk, and how that risk may change over time. This tool can also help estimate potential costs associated with the impact of climate factors, including infrastructure or community risk, allowing buyers to make better decisions when preparing for the future.

A screenshot of Climate Factors' fire risk view on Crexi

Where does Climate Factors get its data?

Our data comes in partnership with First Street Foundation, with insights powered by more than 30 years of analysis.

The team’s peer-reviewed models for flooding and wildfire were custom-built and appraised by more than 80 climate experts. Both models incorporate future climate scenario projections and local ordinances and adaptations, such as controlled burning. The data is then validated against satellite imagery and government records to confirm accuracy.

With these insights, users can understand climate factors at the property level and make better-informed decisions. Crexi is proud to bring this innovative methodology and enhanced data analysis to its users as a part of our free-to-use search platform, visible on all properties in our database.

Ready to find your next property? See Climate Factors in action on Crexi.

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