Broker Wins: Giving Thanks in 2020

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As this uniquely challenging year slowly marches towards its conclusion, the Crexi team wanted to focus our attention on the positive. This year, while unprecedented, saw an amazing period of resilience, growth, and success in commercial real estate, despite the odds. There’s much to be thankful for, and we’re proud to be a part of this strong community of brokers, buyers, sellers, and tenants.

Here are some of our favorite commercial real estate wins from 2020. We hope these stories inspire you as much as they do us.

Grant Bosworth

SVN Blackstream

Grant Bosworth Broker Headshot

This year, we’re thankful that we sold a $2.7 million listing on Crexi in the middle of a pandemic. Before using the platform, we had the listing under contract for six months before the buyer dropped out at the last minute. This turned out to be a fortunate turn of events, as it allowed us to fill the property with tenants, some even by listing on Crexi.

It took only a few months to find another buyer for the property, thanks to Crexi. As soon as we went online, we got over 1,000 leads and clicks and had multiple offers come through.

I’m very grateful for the fantastic experience with Crexi I’ve had so far, and I am MOST thankful for the continued support among fellows in commercial real estate. No brokerage is giving up! Even in these crazy times, we’re still leasing and we’re still selling — keeping that attitude of moving onward and upward is inspiring.

Jay Crandall

Crandall Commercial Group

Jay Crandall Broker Headshot

After joining Crexi, we were able to close one of our largest transactions in 2020: a medical office investment portfolio of 5 buildings got immediate traction. We were able to identify interested buyers nationwide and discovered that individual buyers would be more interested in one or two buildings than larger institutions. As a result, thanks to Crexi, we found a buyer for one of the largest buildings in the portfolio.” 

As a small commercial real estate practice, we’re grateful for the considerably quicker interaction with potential buyers throughout the US. Crexi designs its tools with a broker’s mentality, and we’re thankful that they understand their product is there to help make brokers more successful.

Lisa Giordano-Callahan

RE/MAX Elite Commercial

Lisa Giordana Callahan Broker Headshot

In the small amount of time I’ve been with Crexi, I’ve had an overwhelming amount of responses to any listing I initiate, even during COVID-19. This year, we closed a CVS for $11.9 million at the very start of the pandemic, and, if not for Crexi, we wouldn’t have found that buyer when we did.

As a larger part of CRE, I’m thankful that I have been able to work during the week (and save my weekends for time with my family). I deal with investors who understand what things cost and who are happy to work through Zoom and email. I’m grateful for all the relationships I’ve formed nationwide with clients I’ve met through Crexi’s platform — I know if I have a good piece of property, I can grab my “Crexi clientele.” They’ll always be interested in engaging.

Eric Squires

All Professionals Real Estate 

Eric Squires Broker Headshot

While I’m new to the platform, I’m grateful for having legitimate leads for all my assets in these times, even those that are riskier investment options. Crexi sends me fresh-baked leads daily: it feeds my soul and keeps me going every day! Even one of my listings with tricky legal complications is getting leads thanks to Crexi — I appreciate how much easier it is to find buyers for my clients.

Brent Holliday

Five C Properties – Keller Williams Commercial

Brent Holliday Broker Headshot

Since I have signed up for Crexi, we have had tremendous success selling and leasing properties across many different genres. I’m grateful for the reach and facility Crexi provides to our listings. We were able to reach an audience of investors for a storage facility deal that we would not have been able to on other platforms and got the facility sold in a week! 

I have also seen the benefits from the user information that Crexi keeps when someone clicks on your listing or property flyer. We are seeing more and more brokers in the OKC area, making the switch to Crexi!

Randy Blankstein

The Boulder Group

Randy Blankstein Broker Headshot

In my time with Crexi, I’ve received more than 11,000 unique leads on my properties: valuable leads with a genuine interest in our listings. PRO has allowed our firm to sharpen the process for generating leads and capitalizing on them. We religiously use the search score feature!

My team is also extremely pleased with and grateful for the responsiveness that Crexi has towards customer feedback. They take what we have to say into consideration and then enhance features to make them even more useful for brokers. 

Tejas Gosai

TejasGosaiTeam – eXp Realty

Tejas Gosai Broker Headshot

Crexi kept me afloat through COVID and has enhanced my team tremendously. During the early months of the pandemic, Pennsylvania was the only state to shut down the real estate industry for 60 days. We couldn’t give tours or meet with buyers — and we had to draw a line in the sand with our budgeting. We eliminated less efficient tools and doubled down on Crexi, whose functionality and marketing capabilities allowed us to continue finding leads, doing due diligence, and communicating with buyers while we were all in lockdown. We’re also highly involved with the auction team and have done three multi-million dollar auctions with Crexi. We’re grateful for its capacity to get the word out there to so many buyers: for one auction, we even secured a TV spot for it!

Throughout COVID, we’ve had hundreds of leads come through Crexi alone. We’ve even had buyers submit LOIs through the platform and received one, in particular, for a $1.1 million mixed use multifamily deal that closed! I’m confident in saying that Crexi will be one of our primary revenue sources in 2021, and I’m thankful that their team continues to support brokers with improved functionality.

This year, I’m grateful for our clients and tenants’ persistence amid all the uncertainty. Everyone has been fantastic to work with, and we’ve had about 95% of tenants with no problem paying rent and keeping communication channels open. I’m also grateful for my brokerage team – we’re all virtual through eXp realty, work hard together, and were named on Tom Ferry’s Top 100 Real Estate Professionals this last year. 

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