Crexi Intelligence Revolutionizes CRE Decision Making

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Historically, commercial real estate has trailed behind other financial industries in embracing the power of data analytics. Many investors and principles still make decisions based on gut feeling rather than hard data and fact-based insights. There’s nothing wrong with relying on instincts, but the most successful CRE professionals know it’s not enough.

Today, CRE professionals face market and sector-specific risk, rising competition, and a changing market landscape impacted by the coronavirus. Tech-powered data can help CRE investors boost their efficiency and effectiveness when making investment decisions. That’s why we created Crexi Intelligence.

What is Crexi Intelligence?

Crexi Intelligence is a subscription-based data offering that equips CRE professionals with Crexi’s entire Sales Comparables and MSA Market Reports database. Intelligence enables  brokers, sellers, and buyers to make better decisions when buying and selling real estate. 

With Intelligence, we want our users to feel confident that they’re buying or selling properties at the best possible price. 


Intelligence equips Crexi users with an in-depth, verified, and contextual research center to help them make the most informed decisions possible.

Data Center

Intelligence users gain access to over 1500 in-depth trend reports, including national and regional insights into sale and asking cap rates, average days on the market, inventory levels, buyer activity, and top markets.

Insights Tab 

The Insights tab features demographic and economic data on every property and search page, based on map boundaries or any boundary specified. Insights include cap rates, asking and sale trends from the past year, current average asking prices, and income and age demographics (these change depending on the market of interest).

Map Overlays

Intelligence subscribers have access to map overlays where population, median income, traffic counts, and local points of interest can be layered on top of every listing page and comps record for deeper insights. 

Market Reports

Our Intelligence subscription also features highly detailed Market Reports from the top 51 metros in the US. These reports include market overviews and in-depth breakdowns of market demographics, transportation, and summaries of each county within the MSA. MSA reports offer regularly updated analyses of retail, multifamily, office, and industrial asset class trends.

Sales Comparables

Our Sales Comparables database features over 48 million searchable property records, over 13 million total comps, and over one million comps closed in the last two years. These sales comparables are valuable collections of information: they feature detailed property data on asking price, sale date, sale price, closing cap rate, address, square footage, listing brokers, property photos, tour videos, and much more.

Commercial real estate professionals can search, filter, and save collections of sales comparables to gather research materials quickly. Sales comps allow Intelligence subscribers to analyze properties and markets by understanding historical transactions. Armed with this data, CRE pros gain a more strategic understanding of property valuation and ROI, enabling discovery opportunities in new markets.

How does Crexi Intelligence help buyers?

Intelligence gathers data from millions of property records and sales comparables, pairing information with available properties in real-time. 

Commercial real estate investors can search for specific transactions over a wide range of criteria. Users can discover detailed comps relevant to retail properties, office properties, multifamily units, industrial properties, regardless of niche or market. Intelligence includes proprietary data on nearly 50,000 sales comparables unique to Crexi alone. 

CRE professionals can easily save searches and export up to 10 comps per search. And for CRE investors, Intelligence can send notifications when new data becomes available, keeping interested parties up-to-date on the latest market trends instantly.

Most excitingly, Intelligence is an ever-evolving product, and these innovations are just the beginning. Our Chief Product Officer Hans Ku says it best:

“We transformed our research and comps search to aggregate real-time demographic, economic, and marketplace insights on each listing, while our on-page valuation calculator allows for in-context verification of value, risk, and investment outcome. Throughout the year and beyond, we’ll be adding Intelligence-powered features across the Crexi platform, ultimately reshaping how CRE professionals aggregate, analyze, and harness data.”

How does Crexi Intelligence help brokers?

Brokers are the traditional gatekeepers of the commercial real estate industry, providing the latest data on their market-of-experience. Crexi Intelligence is the perfect companion to broker industry expertise, equipping brokers with third-party verified transaction data for over 13 million sales comparables.

Crexi PRO brokers have unlimited access to all data  offered in the Intelligence subscription, including all comps available. Brokers can easily upload their own comps to Crexi, choosing whether to include contact information and other details.

An added perk for brokers: when someone views your sales comparables, you’ll get the same lead information you would from individuals viewing a live property listed on Crexi. CRE brokers can take advantage of sharing past transactions to attract and connect with an entirely new buyer pool already specifically interested in their market niche.

Where does Crexi get its data?

Crexi validates its data using public data from county recorders’ offices and other third-party sources of public record, ensuring its value as a robust research tool. That data is then coupled with AWS Elasticsearch Service’s search functionalities to provide instantaneous results and seamless UX throughout the Intelligence database. 

Crexi Intelligence features sales comparables from all 50 states, including non-disclosure states. This transaction data comes from information volunteered by brokers, making it especially valuable in states where it is difficult to find publicly available transaction histories. 

Crexi Intelligence represents the future of data and tech-powered commercial real estate. In combination with their professional judgment and due diligence, Intelligence subscribers will benefit from a robust property research tool that helps them make informed, successful CRE investments.  

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