Crexi’s Latest Due Diligence Feature: Property Records

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Due diligence and market research are among the most critical and time-consuming aspects of making successful commercial real estate investments. Both investors and brokers seek comprehensive, accurate market data in order to analyze trends and make the most informed investment decisions that drive an impactful ROI. As stated, this research not only takes valuable time and resources to find, but requires verification to improve accuracy and is often difficult to source in the first place. 

The Crexi team is proud to introduce Property Records: the latest due diligence feature designed to enhance research workflows and simplify access to accurate, value-add property information at-scale.

What is Property Records?

Crexi’s Property Records feature allows users to freely browse and access property data on over 153 million parcels and buildings nationwide. The platform aggregates multiple property data aspects – from owner history to foot traffic data – on a single page, saving CRE stakeholders hours of due diligence effort and making it easier than ever to make better-informed investment decisions.

Property Records integrates proprietary Crexi data with verified 3rd-party data sources to validate each record for accuracy and provide a comprehensive picture of several specific addresses or APNs at scale, all in the property search aggregate page. Users can quickly search for any property, filtering by zoning use, ownership information, and more parameters to find the exact information they seek. 

Clicking inside, each asset’s detail page will offer an inside view into foot traffic data, climate factor scores, a valuation calculator, and several additional insights. This data is available on both active listing pages and sales comps records, and available free for all desktop users and on mobile for PRO and Intelligence subscribers.

Using Property Records’ aggregated data, Crexi users can freely explore property information about:

  • Lot details
  • Location details
  • Building history
  • Climate Factors data
  • Foot Traffic analytics (in partnership with

How Property Records Benefits Users

Find any record of any property nationwide for yourself or your clients on Crexi. Each dedicated property page provides a detailed description of all information you need for due diligence in a single place, including ownership history and contact information, transaction history, parcel history, and much more. For a comprehensive picture, users can also gather this data on multiple properties at once by using relevant filtering, and view them in a succinct, neat package. By gathering and aggregating all this data in an easy-to-read view directly on the page, Crexi saves users time and energy and allows them to focus on the more nuanced, high-value parts of any deal.

Unlock More Data with Intelligence

While the offerings included with free access to Property Records are robust, Intelligence users get access to even more data, analytics, and insights.

Intelligence unlocks complete ownership information for all sales comps and current property listings. This includes complete contact information, with every email and phone number assigned a confidence score that assesses the information’s accuracy. Users can directly contact property owners or the listing broker to access additional details about any property.

Intelligence users also have access to the complete transaction history and tax history of every property. This includes exclusive insight into improvement, land, and total parcel value, providing buyers complete confidence when researching and presenting an investment’s value, whether for yourself or on behalf of a client.

Users with Intelligence also enjoy complete, enhanced insight into a property’s history details, mortgage history, and AI-powered trends insights and analytics. Crexi’s streamlined search experience and concise aggregation of this much data make Property Records a no-brainer tool in any investor’s due diligence journey. 

Getting Started with Property Records

There are three ways to access all the data included within Property Records.

  1. Property Aggregate Page: Just like Crexi’s comps, sales, and lease aggregate pages, users can search for property records by various parameters. Apply filters, search by map, or enter an address or APN to find a specific property.
  2. Property Search Bar: On the Crexi homepage, select the “Properties” tab to begin your search by entering an address or APN.
  3. Select Parcels on Map: When using the map view, zoom into a specific area and click on parcels to view an address’s property records data.

Unlock the full potential of Property Records with Crexi Intelligence.

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