Crexi National CRE Trends Report Q1 2021

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The first quarter of 2021, a year after the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, represented a turning point both for the US and the economic disruption the coronavirus caused. While maintaining caution and taking the crisis seriously, the world of commercial real estate managed to steer away from the worst-case scenario and is now poised to capitalize on opportunities both in burgeoning sectors and those most impacted by the pandemic.

Job growth, GDP recovery, a successful vaccine rollout, and the most recent $1.9 trillion in federal stimulus are paving the way for more robust economic recovery in the coming months. This ray of bright sunshine coincides with spring’s arrival, and while the road to normal holds its share of upcoming risks, many economic forecasters are adjusting their predictions with optimistic eyes on the horizon.

This white paper will explore and analyze trends from Crexi’s proprietery internal marketplace data during Q1 2021 to better understand buyer, seller, owner, and tenant behaviors overall and across specific asset classes. With these learnings in hand, we seek to supply our readers with the insights they need to make informed commercial real estate decisions.

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