Crexi National CRE Trends Report Q1 2022

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The start of 2022 represented a clean slate beyond the impact of the pandemic, with investor, tenant, and transaction activity in commercial real estate reaching new heights. While the hurdles and uncertainties of the pandemic still resonate with many, most CRE players were able to adapt, adjust, and conduct business at an even faster clip. 2022’s first quarter witnessed the fruit of that preparation and hinted at what’s likely to be a positive year for the sector.

While inflation, rising interest rates, worker shortages, global conflict, and supply chain disruptions represent their fair share of challenges, the commercial real estate industry is well-equipped to handle headwinds. 

New technologies and innovative ways of doing business have prepared CRE professionals with the tools needed to quickly navigate the market and leverage opportunities despite uncertainties. At the same time, plentiful dry powder and a desire to avoid inflation pressure have positioned commercial real estate as an attractive asset, already capturing surges in investor attention. 

Our quarterly overview report dives into buying and leasing activity on Crexi throughout Q1 2022, comparing it to quarterly metrics and year-over-year data. With this unique information, we seek to shed light on the undercurrents of commercial real estate activity with an eye toward the sector’s future.

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