Crexi National CRE Trends Report Q4 2023

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The commercial real estate sector went through its fair share of ups and downs in 2023, marked by elevated vacancy rates and slowed rent growth. Still, it’s not all doom and gloom. As we look ahead to 2024, the market’s hurdles are expected to be alleviated by lower interest rates. The Federal Reserve has paused its interest rate hikes and is projected to introduce rate reductions as early as Q1 of 2024. This shift will lower the cost of borrowing capital and, as a result, stimulate renewed investment and capital allocation into the commercial real estate landscape. Therefore, the prognosis is that market activity will regain momentum in the coming year.

Looking ahead, the commercial real estate market will continue to adapt, innovate, and redefine itself. The paradigm shift of ongoing conversations, creativity, and problem-solving is paving the way for long-lasting influences on the industry. New conversion opportunities, potential novel subtypes, and other innovative ideas have yet to be uncovered. Those who are agile and forward-thinking will thrive, and with renewed faith in the system, the sector will be much stronger for it.

Crexi’s comprehensive, data-powered information is essential in investor and broker arsenals. Our quarterly overview report aims to provide valuable insights and trends, and shed light on the undercurrents of commercial real estate activity. This report examines CRE activity on Crexi throughout Q4 and 2023 as a whole, considering quarterly metrics and year-over-year data, enabling stakeholders to make informed strategic decisions when navigating the potentially complicated waters ahead.

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