Crexi’s Newest PRO Feature: Top Prospects

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Brokers are responding positively to our updated Top Prospects functionality for their new listings.

What is Top Prospects?

The Top Prospects feature on Crexi PRO is a handy way to zero in on the most valuable leads and potential clients interested in your properties. Using machine learning, Crexi’s platform identifies individuals from your existing contacts list to suggest best-fit matches as soon as your listing is created. It’s never been easier to find high-value connections to quickly and effectively market your properties.

Getting Started

If you haven’t tried the feature yet, now’s the time. Create a new listing and browse your top prospects to build a great list of property leads.

If you’ve added listings in the past, activity on your existing listings will help build the prospects that best match your next listing.

If you’ve just added a new property, click into your listings dashboard, select Top Prospects on the left, and start canvassing!

Tips & Tricks

  1. Score Your Prospects – Each of your prospects receives a score based on how likely they are a match for your property.
Learn how to score your top prospects on Crexi.
  1. Canvass – View the details of your prospects and message them about your new listing – they could be looking for a property like yours.Then follow along as your prospects become leads!
Instantly send prospects messages about your new listings.
  1. Pin and Organize Your Prospects – Pin your best prospects and cross others off your list. A refreshed top 50 list of prospects is always available.
Pin your best prospects to find your next deal.

We think Top Prospects will give you a head start you’re looking for. Head to your listings dashboard and view your Leads table to get started!

Please provide feedback and let us know what you think!

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