What’s New: Crexi Product Release for August 2020

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Updates on new releases, bug fixes, and product enhancements straight from the Crexi Product Team.

Marketplace Updates

  • Request a Virtual Tour today! Listings with this feature enabled will display a section for anyone to schedule a virtual tour with the broker. (Note: if you’re a broker, edit your listings to enable this feature.) 📹
Screenshot of CREXi's Schedule a Virtual Tour functionality
  • Upload as many photos as you’d like to showcase your property or space! We’ve increased the number of photos allowed per listing from 20 to 100. 📷
  • All lease spaces will now show monthly or yearly rates per square foot in search results, depending on user filters. Both of these rates are featured on every lease listing as well! Start searching for a lease space here.
Screen shot of CREXi platform showing both rate per squarefoot annually and monthly


  • Email Campaigns: You only need to set your colors once! Now, when you update your primary and secondary colors for campaign buttons, they will be saved as the default colors for future campaigns. 📧
  • Messages: After requesting information on a specific listing, a link back to the listing will now be included in the message so that you can easily view the listing as needed. 🏢💬


  • We’ve doubled the number of sales comps users are able to download per export, from 10 to 20 at a time! 🎉
  • We’ve completely redesigned our map markers to make it easier to navigate and understand sales comps after performing a search. 
screenshot showing updated map pins, colored red, on CREXi's platform
  • To help you understand which listings are the most up-to-date and how long they have been on the market, we’ve added a new section to display “Days on Market” and “Time Since Last Update” on all sales comp listings. 🗓
Screenshot showing new CREXi functionality of how many days a property's been on the market and how long since last update

Coming Soon

  • We’re currently beta testing our new homepage dashboard for brokers and will be launching it later this month! We hope it will provide an easy way for brokers to understand their lead activity and listing health. 📈
  • A new and improved listing management table for sales and lease is launching soon! These updates will make it much easier and more efficient to keep track of your listings, measure search scores, and take action when needed. This table will also include the number of new leads listings that have accumulated since your last visit. 
  • Crexi Lead Scores are almost here! We’ve developed a unique algorithm to identify the strength of each lead for brokers. Factors include completeness of profile, offers submitted, interest each property, and their interest within that property type across the platform. Stay tuned for this new feature! 🔥

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Jonathan Mo
Jonathan Mo

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