What’s New: Crexi Website Updates for December 2020

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Updates on new releases, bug fixes, and product enhancements straight from the Crexi Product Team.

Just like you, we can’t wait to put 2020 behind us. But before we close out the year, we have some exciting product updates to share!

If you’ve noticed something different while browsing our website, you aren’t going crazy. We just rebranded with a new logo and homepage. Our product, design, engineering, and marketing teams put in hundreds of hours over the past few months to get to where we are today. We hope you enjoy the new look! 

Our new homepage will help you navigate Crexi faster to achieve your goals. In addition to these branding changes, we’ve also made a number of improvements for site speed and updates to broker tools! ⚡️

Marketplace Updates

  • Homepage: Introducing our new Crexi homepage! Our team designed this page from the ground up to better serve all commercial real estate professionals. We wanted our homepage to be a reflection of what Crexi is today: a complete commercial real estate platform for brokers, buyers, and tenants — from listing and finding properties to closing on the perfect opportunity.
screenshot of new crexi homepage
  • Map: We’ve improved several features this month including an update to location geo-fencing displays, zoom functionality, and sales prices on map pins. These improvements should help you navigate search results better while using the map.
screenshot of new map functionality on crexi
  • Site speed: Our team has made a number of backend improvements to speed up the website. We’re focused on continuing this work so that you have the fastest experience possible while listing and browsing properties! ⌛️
  • Lease Filter Drawer: We finished revamping all the filter drawers across sale, lease, and comps searches. This new interface makes it much easier to narrow down your search results and get matched to your next commercial property. Try it by searching for a lease property now!
Screenshot of improved Crexi lease filter drawer
  • Lease Search: We’ve added the ability for you to view additional photos right on the search results page. Just click the arrows to easily preview and browse through photos without clicking into the detail page!
Screenshot of ability to scroll through property photos on lease search results


  • Lead Tables: We’ve continued our work on lead scores and have added them to the lead tables. We’ve also tuned the algorithm based on user feedback. Brokers should have a better indicator for their most qualified leads now. View all of your leads here! 💯


Screenshot of addition of search by owner/entity in comps
  • Comps Details: After gathering feedback from Intelligence subscribers, we decided to replace the info for “Date Added” with “Last Sold Date.” We hope that this change will make it easier for you to analyze similar comps. 🗓
Screenshot of additional sales comp data

Coming Soon

  • Intelligence Insights: Soon you’ll be able to make even better decisions when looking at Crexi Sales Comps. Our team is cooking up additional insights for your sales comps searches to help you estimate how much a commercial property should cost and give you location-based demographics. We’re extremely excited to showcase this new tool. Stay tuned for updates! 🤟
  • Lease Build Flow: We’re working on improving the build and edit flows for lease spaces. These updates will simplify some of the fields and make it easier for brokers to add their lease listings onto Crexi. We’re hoping these changes will make the process more intuitive for all.
  • Map Overlays: We know how important a location is for any commercial property so we’re adding overlays for you to understand surrounding areas better. These overlays will include traffic counts, points of interest, population, median income levels, and more! ✨
  • Valuation Calculator: We’re trying to improve your commercial real estate buying experience with our new valuation calculator. You will be able to input your estimated purchase price, down payment, NOI, Interest Rate, and Term to see your DSCR, Cap Rate, and ROI. ➕➖✖️➗

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Jonathan Mo
Jonathan Mo

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