What’s New: Crexi Product Release for December

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New product enhancements, feature releases, and bug fixes from the Crexi Product Team.

Intelligence Updates

  • Improvements
    • Users can now search for comps by year built
      • This change allows users to research properties by their age along with all of the other filters currently available for searching comps.
    • Units and sold price per unit are now included in the comps section of property insights
      • We’re continuing to improve space and unit level details for Sale and Lease.  This update showcases unit-level detail on the Sale side of the Crexi platform.
    • Users can now add notes to the comps/properties they are researching
      • This is very helpful functionality to help you sort and organize your comps. The feature works best by saving your comps into a group and adding notes for the rest of your team. You can add notes on your saved comps individually to come back to them later.
You can now add notes to comps pages on Crexi.
  • Expanded our Data Center from coverage of 50 markets to  275+ markets and submarkets
    • Granular submarkets are a big addition to our market research toolset. Now you can view detailed analytics by not only top 50 markets but also hundreds of markets and submarkets across the Nation.
The Data Center now includes 275+ markets and submarkets
  • Bug fixes
    • Fixed an issue with proper categorization of multifamily properties
    • Fixed an issue with how sold land price-per-acre displays
    • Fixed a Maps bug on filtering traffic counts so legend will update to the new map min and max

Site Updates

  • Site speed improvements
    • We always aim to improve the speed of movement through our site
  • SEO Improvements for Auctions
    • Our auctions pages got a new URL structure which will help with their discoverability in search

Auction Experience Improvements

  • Registration experience improved 
    • Signing up for Auction has been made easier with faster registrations on the site and corresponding approvals by the Auction team

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