What’s New: Crexi Website Updates for March 2021

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Updates on new releases, bug fixes, and product enhancements
straight from the Crexi Product Team.

This month is all about design! We’ve been redesigning our website with a strong focus on usability and we’re happy to announce that our new navigation has been released! You’ll see the most prominent changes on mobile, and we hope that these updates make our platform more intuitive and easier to navigate. Our team has also made several improvements to Intelligence and fixed various bugs that have popped up recently. Get the details below.

Marketplace Updates

  • Navigation Menus: We’ve updated our navigation bar at the top of the website to prioritize search and lower the number of clicks it takes for you to go where you want to go. We’ve also introduced a new hamburger menu on the top right to make our website more mobile-friendly. 🍔
  • New Auction Registration: Crexi’s brand new auction registration allows bidders to fully register using a credit card or wire details for a faster, seamless experience. No more manual, off-line registration and approval processes. Search for a property in auction now! 💳
Screenshot of Crexi auction registration changes
  • New Add or Edit Lease Listings Portal: We’ve updated our add or edit listing portal to make it easier for brokers and agents to create or edit their listings. The new portal includes a vastly improved listing team management system that allows you to add, invite, and organize your deal team members. 
  • Spaces Search Score: The Search Score feature that brokers and agents love on sale listings is now available on spaces for lease. Add or edit a space for lease, and see the search score in the navigation to help guide you toward a higher search score and increase your chances of getting matched with more tenants. The Search Score is also available on all lease listing dashboards. View your lease listings here! 🔎


  • My Crexi: As a broker, this is likely the navigation menu that you interact with most. We improved its design with more white space and with organized columns for different tools. 🛠
Screenshot of new navigation menu on Crexi
  • Sale/Lease Toggle: We’ve made it easier to switch between your sale listings and your lease listings. This toggle is now located on each tool, rather than hidden behind the My Crexi menu.
Screenshot of for sale/for lease toggle feature
  • Broker Profiles: Now you can show all your past leases in your profile! You can show your expertise by uploading your track record with leased spaces. Check out your broker profile to add a past lease. 👨‍💼👩‍💼


  • Financing Info: Loan amounts and maturity dates are now included in comp search results. Now you can start filtering by the loan maturity to find properties that have loan dates coming soon. Find these deals by searching for comps now! 🏦
screenshot of financing information on comps data
  • Residential Units: In addition to having the total number of commercial units for comp listings, and we’ve also added the number of residential units. 🏡
Screenshot of new property details information on Crexi comps
  • Ownership/Entity Information: We’ve recently added ownership/entity information to many comp listings. Click the owner to see information like the registered agent, state, and mailing address. Subscribe to Intelligence now to see this information! 🔑
Screenshot of ownership information on comps

Coming Soon

  • iOS App: Surprise! We’ve been working on our mobile app for the past year and can’t wait for you to start using it. It’s a completely new, but familiar, way to search, find, and browse listings on Crexi. 📲
  • Email Improvements: Along with our improvements to our search algorithm, we’re also working on improving our email algorithm so that you’ll only get listings that closely match your criteria. We’re hoping that this will significantly improve the quality of listings arriving in your inbox and help you find your next commercial property faster! 📧

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