What’s New: Crexi Website Updates for May 2021

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Updates on new releases, bug fixes, and product enhancements straight from the Crexi Product Team.

Our mobile app team launched some new features this month, like the ability to share listings and view search results in list view. Download the app now if you haven’t already! We also focused on website performance,  improving our lease listings, search capabilities, and overall site speed. ⚡️

Marketplace Updates

  • Search Improvements: Now, clicking on a listing from a suggested search will take you directly to the listing instead of the search results page. We’ve also added the ability to delete your recent searches on the homepage and search bar. Search for a property now! 🔍


  • Lease listings: We’ve upgraded the process of adding and editing lease listings. It now includes an option for a single or multi-tenant building, a drag and drop editor, team members, and owner/manager listing capabilities. Add your lease listings here! 


  • Insights tab:  More details are available for age and income demographics within the insights tab. You can now see these numbers displayed in a pie chart,  broken down by population. 🥧


  • List View: We heard your feedback and are happy to announce list view is now available for all search results! We have more updates planned based on feedback and can’t wait to share them with you soon. Download the Crexi mobile app here. 📱

Coming Soon

  • Map Overlays: Our team still has other overlay features in the works, but population and median income will be the first to launch in mid-May! We can’t wait for you to start property browsing using the information included in the overlays.

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Jonathan Mo
Jonathan Mo

Product Marketing Manager

Jonathan serves as the bridge between the product and marketing teams here at Crexi by leading the messaging, positioning, and go-to-market strategy for new products. Previously, he’s worked at other startups to drive growth, retention, and engagement.

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