A Look Back At May 2022: Product Release Notes

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Everyone at Crexi has been hard at work, constantly improving our platform to ensure you have all the tools you need to close more deals, understand the latest data, and streamline transactions every day.

Read on to check out some May’s product update highlights:

Sales and Lease Photo Editing 

You can now edit existing photos and edit newly uploaded photos within sales and lease build edit. The editing tool includes cropping, zooming, and rotating.

  • Click the Edit icon in the upper right of a photo in the media gallery
  • Crop, zoom and rotate in the edit modal. 
  • Click Finish to save changes. 

MultiAPN Comps are now combined with Intelligence! 

When users explore comps, they will no longer see duplicate comps that were a part of the same transaction. Generally, these can be viewed as multi-parcel properties or portfolio sales. 

If you want to do a deeper dive when you click on any of these MultiAPN comps, it will take you to a summary comp that shows all the individual parcels involved in the sale. If you prefer to see these parcels broken out individually on the results, you can turn off the filter in the filters tab.

Google One-tap Sign-up

With the newest release, users can easily log in to their Crexi account using Google. Talk about streamlining!


On our mobile apps, we’re proud to introduce some updates that will empower brokers and buyers to easily engage with us on-the-go. 

Android users can now tap a broker picture on a listing to see Broker Profiles!

  • Only active listings are shown
  • Email or call through the profile
  • Register for auctions support 

iOS users can now register to bid through any auction listing. 

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