What’s New: Crexi Website Updates for November 2020

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Updates on new releases, bug fixes, and product enhancements straight from the Crexi Product Team.

Don’t worry — just two more months until 2020 is over. Get ready to lose an hour of sleep (unless you’re in Arizona or Hawaii) because Daylight Savings ends on November 1st this year. 

This month’s pumpkin-spiced product updates include lead management tables, a brand new pinned leads tab, and a redesigned broker plans page! We also improved the usability and speed of several features like adding half points to lead scores and vastly reducing the file size generated by print views for lease groups. Grab a hot drink and get the details below! ☕️

Marketplace Updates

  • Map: Our team made some performance updates to boost the speed of the map in search results. Interacting with the map should be quicker and snappier now. Enjoy! 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️
  • Similar Spaces: We’ve added a table on lease listing pages that shows similar spaces. We hope this will help you discover more spaces and compare lease listings more easily. Search for a lease property to see it in action.
  • Brand/Tenant Information:  We’ve created a new field for brokers to fill out when adding a listing with a brand/tenant name. This information will be listed on the listing’s details if provided. Find your dream Burger King, CVS, or Home Depot. Continue searching for a tenant here! 🍔💊🏠
  • New Lease Listing Type: Celebrate if you’re a tenant or tenant rep broker because it’s now easier to find sublease spaces! Properties with sublease in the space, building name, or description are now tagged as a sublease in its listing type.


  • Broker Plans Page: Introducing our brand new Broker Plans page! We rebuilt this page from scratch to better clarify the benefits of joining PRO. If you’ve ever wondered how Crexi brokers are winning against their competition, learn more about our PRO membership! 🤝
  • Broker Profile: Share your profile on Facebook, Twitter, or Linkedin! Show off all of your accomplishments to your friends, co-workers, and clients. Share your broker profile today!
  • Lead Management Table: We’ve added many more features to lead management tables in the past month! You can now rate your leads from 1-5 stars, assign leads to teammates, have shared notes, and add contact statuses. We’ve also added a tab for “Pinned Leads” so you can always access your hottest prospects. Try pinning a lead by visiting your listings here. 📌
  • Print View for Lease: File sizes for print view on lease groups are now about 8x smaller so they load much faster! We’ve also simplified the information included based on broker feedback so the total page counts have been decreased around 40%. Print a lease group for a tour! 🖨
  • Lead Scores: This new tool launched last month and we’re still gathering feedback from brokers to continue improvements. This month, we made a few adjustments to the calculation of the score. We are removing offers as part of the score, including the date when the user joined Crexi, and adding half dot scoring. Check out your leads here. 📈
  • Email Campaigns: We fixed a bug that mistakenly allowed users to add multiple email addresses to the “Reply-to” field. If you’d like multiple people to receive a reply-to email, please use a distribution list or a shared email account. 

Coming Soon

  • New Filter Drawer: We’re almost done revamping the filter drawers across all sale, lease, and comps searches. This new interface will cut down the time it takes for you to narrow down your search results so we can match you to your perfect property even faster. 
  • Improved Location Data: Our team is finalizing our improved location data for search results. We’re already seeing a huge difference for location accuracy and we’re excited for you to see it in action! We’ll be officially launching this for all users by the end of November.

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Jonathan Mo

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