What’s New: Crexi Product Release for November 2021

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New product enhancements, feature releases, and bug fixes from the Crexi Product Team.

Intelligence Updates

Parcel Maps: Added to Intelligence!

  • Property lines, land ownership, and parcel information are now available as part of Intelligence.
    • Zoom in on your map to see all the outlines and click on them to see information like:
      • Owner
      • Mailing address
      • Property details
      • Building details
      • Land market value
      • Building market value
  • Comp Groups: Now available for excel export!
    • Search and select a group of comps and export them to a spreadsheet for easy offline reference.
  • Updated Comps Details: Lot size frontage and depth added to comps property detail

Top Prospects

  • Find Top Prospects: Create a listing and get top-matched prospects. Start canvassing those prospects and turning them into leads! Prospects are based on your Crexi Contacts, so you must have previous listings and contacts for Top Prospects to appear. 
  • Prospect Match Scores: Crexi helps filter your contacts by scoring those who match your property the best – by listings they’ve previously browsed, property type, OM opens, and more.

  • Prospect Activity: Follow along as your prospects interact with your listing and become leads!

  • Pin & Organize: You can arrange your prospects after you’ve canvassed them and cross them off the list. A Top 50 list of fresh prospects is always available.

Lease Listing Updates

  • Build/Edit: We’ve made listing a property for lease easier.
    • Added map settings to Build/Edit for Lease! 
    • Latitude, Longitude, Map view, and Street View Editor are now available on Lease.

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