What’s New: Crexi Website Updates for October 2020

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Updates on new releases, bug fixes, and product enhancements straight from the Crexi Product Team.

This month we mostly focused on overall site improvements and bug fixes to speed up the website experience for both desktop and mobile users. Our team decided to prioritize these items so all users will be able to quickly browse Crexi (2-3x faster on some pages) and encounter significantly fewer bugs. We also squeezed a couple of exciting, new features including Lead Scores, Print View for Saved Property Groups, and a brand new Exports page for PRO members. Read through the rest of these updates to get the details!

Marketplace Updates

  • We squashed a ton of bugs in this new release related to site performance and stability! Everything from searching for properties, adding a listing, to sending a letter of intent should feel snappier and more stable than before. 
  • Lease: Map markers and clusters are now displayed with the color purple instead of orange for better contrast and to meet Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance standards. This update helps lease listings stand out against google map markers as well! 🗺👀
screenshot of new map view on CREXi with ADA compliant purple pins


  • Lead Scores: We’re so excited to announce the launch of Lead Scores! Our data team has been hard at work to help you identify the best leads to contact. We developed a unique algorithm that calculates a lead’s score based on their interest in your property and their overall activity on Crexi. See your best leads now by visiting your activity feed!
screenshot of new CREXi Lead Score feature
  • Saved Properties: Simplify your touring process with the new print view for saved property groups! The print view will include the most important info and highlights for each property. If you’re printing groups as a broker, your brokerage logo and contact information will be printed on the title page for your clients to see. Other brokers’ contact information won’t be shown in this view. Print a saved property group now! 🖨
  • PRO: No more timeouts! PRO members can now export all of their master lead reports at the bottom of their MyCrexi navigation. This new page streamlines the export process and eliminates download timeouts for large reports. Click here to explore your lead report exports!
screen shot of new CREXi PRO export updates


  • If we have an existing sales comp and you type in its address in the search bar, it will now bring you to that specific sales comp page instead of the search results page. This will save you a few clicks if you have an address in mind!
  • We transitioned our sales comp colors from red to black while browsing in map view. Red indicators stood out a little too much so we tested out a few different colors before deciding on black — much easier on the eyes. Use Crexi to search for sales comps today! 🔴⚫️
screenshot of new Crexi sales comps map view with black pins

Coming Soon

  • Lead Management Table: Our team is almost done with a completely new lead management experience for brokers. It has a ton of new features like assigning leads to teammates, shared notes, and contact statuses. Stay tuned for this huge update! 
  • New Filter Drawer: Since the start of Crexi, we haven’t made any major adjustments to the filter drawer. Now that we have over 100,000 active listings, we thought it would be a good time to redesign it based on search patterns we’ve noticed. Our new and improved filter drawer is almost ready—we can’t wait for you to see it!
  • Improved Location Data: We know that location is extremely important when searching for commercial properties so we’re upgrading our location accuracy for all search results. Our team is working hard to implement new technology so when you search for a location, only the properties in that area are displayed.
  • Brand/Tenant Information:  Many users search Crexi using brand names, so we’ve created a new field for brokers to fill out when adding a listing with a brand/tenant name. It’s going to be much easier to find that dream McDonald’s, Dollar General, or Lowe’s that you’ve been looking for. 🍔💵🏠

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Jonathan Mo

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