What’s New: Crexi Website Updates for September 2020

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Updates on new releases, bug fixes, and product enhancements straight from the Crexi Product Team.

Marketplace Updates

  • We recently re-evaluated the property types available on our website and have added new subtypes as a result. For example, the Retail property type now includes subtypes such as Restaurant, Storefront, Gas Station, Bar, Fast Food, and more. Start searching using property subtypes here!
  • We wanted to refine the map view for mobile users, so we made a few improvements. Now, when you search on a mobile device, the results will default to the tile view instead of the map view. Also, interacting with the map view only requires one finger instead of two. 📱
  • To help new and existing brokers get the most value out of our platform, we designed a brand new onboarding flow. Log in now to check it out! 😎
  • Sale: Now, when you add a new sale listing for Retail, Office, Industrial, or Hospitality spaces, you can input the Tenant/Brand name as well! Choose from existing Tenants/Brands in our database or enter a custom one if it isn’t available yet.


  • Broker Profiles: We’ve sped up the time it takes for uploaded and closed sales transactions to show up on broker profiles. Instead of taking up to 24 hours, you can showcase your previous transactions within an hour of updating! ⏳
  • My Listings: This table has been updated so it’s easier to keep track of your listings, measure search scores, and take action on new leads since you last visited the page. View your listings here!


  • Searching for comps has never been easier! Now, when you search for comps within a specific location, an outline is drawn on the map and all comps within the outline will populate. Start searching for comps now! 🗺

Coming Soon

  • Our team is designing a new and improved filter drawer from the ground up, and it will be ready soon! These changes will make the filter more accessible and easier to navigate. 
  • Our team is developing a brand new lead management experience, including assigning leads to teammates, shared notes, and contact statuses. 
  • Crexi Lead Scores are releasing this month! We’re hoping that this feature will help you prioritize your leads for each listing. We developed this algorithm by looking closely at various data points, including offers submitted, interest for each property, and completeness of their profile. 

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Jonathan Mo
Jonathan Mo

Product Marketing Manager

Jonathan serves as the bridge between the product and marketing teams here at Crexi by leading the messaging, positioning, and go-to-market strategy for new products. Previously, he’s worked at other startups to drive growth, retention, and engagement.

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