Crexi Releases New Commercial Real Estate App for iOS

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Today, we at Crexi are thrilled to announce our mobile app for iOS. Through their iPhones, CRE buyers, investors, and others can instantly discover commercial real estate properties for sale and lease and instantly connect with brokers. 

The Crexi app makes it easy to keep up with the ever-changing commercial market while on the go. Designed for maximum speed and ease-of-use for mobile screen sizes in mind, we designed our mobile app to enable all users to search, filter quickly, and browse every listing on Crexi, even when they’re away from a computer.

How the Crexi App Benefits Users

The new mobile app allows users to:

  • Browse the entire Crexi database to discover the latest for sale and lease properties
  • Search listings and properties by location and multiple filters anytime, anywhere 
  • Share listings with others via text, email, Slack, social media, or other apps 
  • Access further information about a property via offering memorandums, listing flyers, or brochures 
  • Instantly call or email a broker with one tap

The new Crexi mobile app represents the next phase of connecting users to a seamless property search and listing transaction experience.

Every month, more than half of the visitors to the Crexi website come from mobile sources. In a fast-paced industry like commercial real estate, property information needs to be easily accessible to facilitate smooth transactions. 

Users may need up-to-date data about a listing the same moment a colleague or a client calls, texts, or emails with a question regardless of location or accessibility to their laptop. The Crexi mobile app allows users to be the first to suggest a lease listing to a prospective tenant the second it comes online or share the rent rolls on a sale listing in the same instant a team member needs to underwrite a deal.

“I use the app on the fly when I’m standing in line waiting for lunch, or when I’m waiting to meet with clients to show or tour properties,” said Daniel Reuter, a Commercial Realtor and active user of Crexi’s mobile app. “I can jump on there real quick because I’m always looking for the latest listings.”

Crexi App Leads CRE Into the Future

We’re proud to unveil the Crexi real estate mobile app in alignment with our commitment to building a platform for the future of commercial real estate. In partnership with our customers and industry leaders, we’ve adapted and evolved our business every day to accommodate and better serve a world dramatically changed by COVID, climate crisis, and new ways of working with colleagues and clients. 

With the mobile app, we proudly are continuing to create the tools to support our customers’ success for every step of the commercial real estate process.

Check out the Crexi real estate mobile app here.

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Jonathan Mo
Jonathan Mo

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