How a Specialist Broker Uses Crexi Intelligence to Evaluate Deals

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Meet John Filli, SIOR, NAIOP, CCIM

Mr. Filli is Senior Vice President at NAI Horizon-Phoenix and a veteran turned mechanical engineer turned industry-leading broker and construction specialist. His unique, decades-long career has spanned some of the largest-scale land and industrial transactions in Phoenix and across Arizona. 

Mr. Filli tackles the projects that other commercial brokers can’t or won’t, which has built for him a reputation as a legendary problem solver in the investment properties world of industrial, land, and renewable energy. Simply, his work is one-of-a-kind.

Painting the Scene

Mr. Filli specializes in highly complex and entirely unique industrial and land real estate development and transaction projects, completely unlike the average deal in these asset classes. He approaches each project with a thorough analysis of disparate data sources to inform valuation, better understand shifting variables, and form a thesis to help him best advise clients and successfully market his listings. 

This work alone consumes many hours and resources of research time, before the need to unify the metrics across data sources. When Mr. Filli discovered Crexi PRO, he instantly recognized the value of the comprehensive comps data and Intelligence insights gathered in one convenient place.

“The ability to gather knowledge, ask questions of the system and see if it provides the information you need […] Crexi’s really knowledgeable with extra data, and it provides a lot of value to the user.”

With unlimited access to Intelligence, Mr. Filli harnesses the platform’s catalog of property records, more than 13 million sales comps, and Insights analysis to give his clients the most accurate data and actionable advice.

  • Centralized Data: With detailed property records and comps data available at scale, Mr. Filli deftly assembles pictures of different industrial uses and similar niche properties in his markets to determine value.
  • Detailed Insights: Thanks to Intelligence’s detailed interactive maps and market insight views – from foot traffic to transaction history – Mr. Filli cuts down on extensive research efforts and uses the saved time to provide the highest-value sales-advisory services to his clients.
  • Expansive Marketing: Once the research is done and pricing determined, Crexi’s built-in marketing capabilities allow Mr. Filli to reach a nationwide audience and provide an enticing, comprehensive picture of the investment property’s value. 

“I use Crexi when I talk about my marketing approach; it’s a [great] supplement to my other tools. We really admire the work that Crexi’s doing, and wouldn’t be endorsing it if it wasn’t working.”

Brokers enjoy unlimited access to Intelligence with a PRO subscription – check out our broker plans here.

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