How a VP Runs Deals from List to Close with Crexi

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Meet Justin Langlois

Regional Vice President with Stirling Properties‘ Louisiana team, specializing in investment sales, primarily retail, office, and healthcare. Mr. Langlois represents stakeholders on all sides of the transaction process, from sales and leasing to landlord and tenant representation, as well as investment advisory services in investment sales, STNLs, 1031 exchanges, and financial services.

Painting the Scene

Mr. Langlois and his team were one of Crexi’s earliest adopters, joining as PRO users on the platform in 2018. Langlois immediately recognized Crexi’s value in terms of its efficiency, national exposure, and powerful listing management tools.

In the last several years, Mr. Langlois’ team has onboarded multiple facets of the Crexi platform to navigate high-value transactions and auctions, fill leasing space, create value for their customers, and ultimately build out their national presence. Crexi’s platform augments Mr. Langlois’ operational and marketing capacity, allowing him to navigate tens of thousands of leads and close dozens of sales and leasing deals.

“Even 5-10 years ago, it would take several days to send and get a CA signed for tenants or buyers. Today I can click and send documents, reports, listings – [this] speed is crucial, especially when tons of people are looking at these properties.”

All-in-One Lead Reporting

Langlois’ team harnesses Crexi’s operational tools to simplify their day-to-day and efficiently provide branded lead reports to their listings’ stakeholders. Brokers can immediately quantify leads, lead behavior, clicks, and downloads, tracking a listing’s progress from start to finish with a few clicks. 

Simplified & High-Impact Marketing

Crexi’s marketing tools push Stirling Properties’ regional listings to a national audience while optimizing search results to reach the best-matched leads early in the sales funnel. Even if a listing isn’t a match, Mr. Langlois continues relationship-building with these leads, sending out closely matched properties with clean, easy-to-build email campaigns and using the platform to track how viewers interact with his listings.

Speed-to-Market Efficiency

Mr. Langlois’ team uses Crexi’s platform to take advantage of  quick follow-ups, thanks to instant insights and notifications into who is viewing listings. Able to evaluate and quickly connect with the hottest leads, the likelihood of closing rises – and even without a deal, Mr. Langlois cites Crexi as one of his most useful cross-selling tools.

In their lifetime using Crexi, Mr. Langlois’ team has achieved:

“Crexi has been a great tool; as someone who’s spent a lot more money and time using multiple sites, the lead quality [is much] better than the leads we get from other shops, which are way more expensive.”

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