How an Appraiser Evaluates Assets with Crexi Intelligence

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Meet Linda Molinari

Appraiser,  business owner, and real estate professional with over 29 years of experience in Northern California, Florida, and the US Virgin Islands.

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Linda is responsible for appraising commercial real estate assets in estate and trust valuations. As a busy appraiser, she sought a technology product to help her evaluate the value of real estate assets as accurately and efficiently as possible.

Linda discovered Crexi Intelligence in late 2021. While she was initially skeptical – given South Lake Tahoe is a vast and highly unique area – she was delighted to find Intelligence unlocked a nationwide database of information and detailed comparables, helping her quickly and accurately complete her appraisals.

“I’d suggest Crexi Intelligence to anyone! I appreciate how intuitive it was in the beginning, and I’m looking forward to seeing how much more useful it becomes as it’s built out.” 

As a Crexi Intelligence subscriber, Linda uses Intelligence to compile otherwise buried data to evaluate her cases. 

  • Understanding Plot Lines: One case involved a series of cabins (a multifamily asset) from the 1930s, which technically stood on four different properties even though the buildings touched one another. Intelligence helped Linda understand the plot and boundary lines and supplemented real-time assessment photos to compile her appraisal better. 
  • Comparing Zoning vs. Highest & Best Use: Linda was appraising an auto repair shop in South Lake Tahoe, but the asset was in a retail zone rather than typical industrial zoning. With a few keystrokes, she found similar land-use types with auto shops with several comparables to complete the assignment.
  • Updating Legacy Data: Linda analyzed property records that showed a hotel from the 1950s. Intelligence’s more-recent data uncovered that owners had turned the hotel into living quarters. Linda evaluated the property as a multifamily portfolio and obtained rental information from similar-sized properties’ broker comps. 

Discover how Crexi Intelligence can transform your research process.

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