How an Investor Tops the Competition with Intelligence

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Meet Chase Gibb 

Entrepreneur, restaurateur, multi-business owner, and founder of Gibb Real Estate Investments based out of Iowa.

Painting the scene

Apart from actively investing in commercial real estate, Chase Gibb owns and operates two restaurants and a catering business. Being a multifaceted businessman, all while raising two teenage athletes, it’s fair to say he’s a busy guy. Gibb needed a tool to cut down on research, optimize due diligence, and help make fast, accurate investing decisions.

Chase tested a demo of Crexi Intelligence back in February 2022 and has been an avid subscriber ever since.

“While I can find off-market deals a lot of the time, I like the simplicity of [Intelligence]. I like that I can set up email notifications every day, and log on every night to see if I’m missing out on anything. I like all the information it provides.”

As a Crexi Intelligence user, Chase can grow his investment portfolio smarter and faster, locking down deals that would typically require more manpower to find and acquire. Most recently, Chase found a 16-unit multifamily property using Crexi and was under contract in 12 hours

High Efficiency: Once Chase found the property through Crexi’s machine-learning recommendation engine, he contacted the listing agent the next day – he knew it was a good deal based on the comps and geographic information Crexi provided him. 

Faster Transactions: After seeing all the competing inbound offers the listing agent had from Crexi’s national marketing exposure, Chase knew to waste no time in closing. He performed all the fast number crunching and due diligence directly on the Crexi site and was ready to sign

Success Tools: Chase regularly takes advantage of Intelligence by scanning the Insights tab, looking at properties all across the country. Access to robust, curated information at his fingertips saves him the time and effort of examining every property, getting him exactly the deals he wants.

“You’re not gonna find another program like Crexi that’s priced fairly and gives you that much knowledge! To me, that’s worth it. Crexi is doing all the legwork for me where otherwise I’d have to do tons of research – Crexi does the hard part, then it’s up to me to crunch the numbers.”

Get ahead of the competition with Crexi Intelligence.

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