How One Investor-Turned-Broker Quadrupled His Business in 10 Months

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Meet Anthony Masiello

Senior Property Manager for Commercial at XCD Realty and Property Management in Arizona, managing and advising on the firm’s commercial acquisitions, 1031 exchanges, and investment sales.

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Mr. Masiello entered real estate as an investor in 2013, collaborating with in-market brokers to learn the transaction process’ ins and outs while building his portfolio. He later became a commercial broker to take on a more active role on behalf of investment clients but did not yet have the network or toolset to market properties beyond his local market.

When Mr. Masiello learned about Crexi, he signed up for PRO sight-unseen based on its impressive value proposition, especially at comparative costs. Within months, he had access to a much larger buyer pool, coupled with dedicated customer support, facile lead management tools, and easily accessible data at his fingertips.

“I’m very happy with the amount of leads — sent straight to my phone! — and even happier with the number of leads turning leads into LOIs. We get hits like crazy with Crexi!”

After joining Crexi PRO in April 2020, Mr. Masiello immediately saw an increase in lead volume and viable prospects.

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Crexi PRO elevated Mr. Masiello’s properties via machine-learning powered email campaigns and preferential tile placement atop search results pages, providing him with superior advertising and national exposure.

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With real-time lead tracking and management, Crexi PRO connected Mr. Masiello to high-value prospects as soon as they viewed his listings. 

When Mr. Masiello connected with a client, he gained insight into their industry role, interests, contact information, and much more — allowing him to provide specialized, custom-tailored value to his clients.

In ten months as a PRO user, he saw:

Percentages of how much using Crexi PRO boosted Anthony Masiello's business
*compared to other non-PRO brokers in his region

“Thanks to Crexi, we managed to close a $3.8 million sale with two competitive offers through the platform. We were able to turn this deal into a bidding war – we wouldn’t have found these buyers otherwise.”

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