How Population Growth is Impacting Retail in 6 US Cities

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Our latest research report celebrates the launch of Crexi and’s partnership, showing foot traffic data on properties nationwide to enable CRE stakeholders to make more informed decisions. Together, Crexi and analyzed population trends, foot traffic, and retail real estate data over the last three years to identify unique opportunities for investors and business owners.

“Tech is all about building and delivering solutions to help an industry scale,” said Tony James, Crexi’s VP of Product. “In CRE, data is an all-important currency with which to make critical and timely market decisions. With the addition of Placer.AI’s foot traffic technology to our listing marketplace, Crexi continues its commitment to providing the most accurate, accessible, and actionable data while consolidating the thousands of manual research hours formerly required to collect it.”

Check out the report below to learn how population growth is driving retail real estate valuation and business success in six growing US cities, and then check out new foot traffic data from as you find your next property, only on Crexi.

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