How PRO Helped a Multifamily Broker Tap into a New Market

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Meet David Szymanowski

A multifamily specialist at SVN Commercial Advisory Group Sarasota-Tampa, specializing in property sales and marketing. A Marine Corps veteran with a prior background in software, sales, and business development, David has extensive passion, experience, and knowledge for the multifamily sector of commercial real estate and dedication to his clients.

Painting the Scene

In mid-2023, Mr. Szymanowksi left SVN’s Chicago office to move to the Sarasota-Tampa region, bringing his broker expertise and skills to a new market. While compiling data and preparing his network ahead of the move, he noticed inconsistencies and bad information among services, which frustrated his ability to build a pipeline.

Mr. Szymanowksi discovered Crexi a few months before relocating and immediately decided to upgrade to PRO after taking a tour of the in-depth property data the platform provided. Using Crexi to compile accurate ownership information in this new area, he was able to book several meetings before his arrival and fill out a pipeline of high-value leads.

“It’s so nice to have access to [correct ownership data]; it opens many doors you don’t have access to elsewhere. You can’t go wrong with using Crexi!”

The tools in Crexi PRO allowed Mr. Szymanowski to establish a base, develop intricate market knowledge, and create an actionable contact list within weeks of his move to Tampa. By saving time on research and using more efficient outreach tools, Mr. Szymanowski acquired new Sarasota-Tampa clients in the earliest days of his new market tenure.

National Reach: Though building out a Tampa pipeline, Mr. Szymanowski built up a sizable contact list of nationwide Tampa owners and potential interest in the market’s multifamily sector. 

Precise Location Research: Mr. Szymanowski is able to quickly cross-reference Crexi property records data with Google Maps to find exact, relevant details about particular assets and pass along better advisory services to his out-of-state clients.

Data Accuracy: Thanks to consistently accurate results, Mr. Szymanowksi can save time on double- or triple-checking whether ownership information or contact details are correct and more quickly build out and execute prospecting.

In just three months with Crexi, Mr. Szymanowski achieved:

“If you feel like Crexi will be beneficial – which I guarantee it will be – it’s a great tool in your tech stack and one of the most pivotal tools any commercial real estate agent can have.”

Brokers – find out how you can build out your market with qualified leads using Crexi PRO.

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