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Whether you’re just starting with Crexi or a seasoned PRO, we’re dedicated to building a product that has all your favorite business, listing, and lead management tools in one place. How are current PRO brokers making the most of Crexi? We’ve assembled the following list based on user behavior, giving crystal-clear insight into some of the most high-value capabilities of our platform and data.

These are the top tools Crexi brokers are using – to close more deals and generate success.

My Listings

Crexi’s My Listings dashboard offers a convenient window and umbrella tool to add, manage, and optimize your listings. Once you’ve added your listings, a glance at the Listings dashboard keeps you up-to-speed on your complete inventory. You can quickly update a listing’s status, check lead performance, and optimize its searchability with Crexi’s handy Search Score metric. 

Search Scores help improve a listing’s tile placement visibility and match it to high-value property seekers. Remember: the higher the search score, the more maximized your listing’s exposure and the more qualified buyers with which you’ll match. More buyers, more deals.

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Lead Management

Crexi’s most active PRO brokers push the Lead Management tools to their limits. Clicking into a property will quickly show you pageviews, impressions, the number of visitors, and how they interacted with your listings. Visitors are key, as they’re potential buyers or tenants that have actively engaged with and clicked in to view the property. Crexi’s lead management capabilities provide brokers with complete lead contact information and an email and text notification as soon as they hit your property’s page.

This immediate response time is a crucial element that PRO brokers take advantage of. That notification – received as soon as a visitor sees your property – allows you to take speedy advantage of their active search time and get in touch proactively. When minutes may mean the difference between securing a buyer or letting one get away, brokers praise this feature as a favorite.

The lead management tool also provides insights into which leads are the most engaged and likely to be actionably interested in your listing. You can increase your chances of closing the deal by focusing on the most high-value leads. And even with less-relevant leads, this tool enables you to build out a Rolodex of potential clients/buyers for down the road. 

Email Campaigns

PRO brokers also take advantage of access to Crexi’s entire database, with one exclusive email per month sent to showcase their listings to highly targeted principals, tenants, or tenant-rep brokers. These highly targeted email campaigns use machine learning to directly connect you with the leads most likely to be interested in your property. 

With this handy tool, quickly add up to 12 properties in an email campaign, preview a test email, load any additional contacts you want to send the listings to, customize with a brief message, and off it goes. The Campaigns page tracks your emails’ success in real-time and allows you to capture valuable, actionable insights into your properties’ lead activity. Brokers can also completely create, manage, and track the success of their own email campaigns all on the platform.


Brokers know the all-important value of data, and PRO’s full access to our Intelligence subscription gives them millions of relevant data points and insights in one convenient place. With PRO, brokers harness a library with over 13 million sales comps, full access to property records for every property nationwide, and demographic and property-related insights across all current sale, lease, and sales comps results. 

Here’s a quick peek at some of Intelligence’s best features: 


The Insights tab is your all-in-one look into a selected group of properties, whether you want to slice them by region, state, asset type, class, square footage, or many other parameters. These Insights highlights demographic information such as population size and income, median pricing per square foot, and current average cap rates. All this data empowers brokers to provide more value to their clients and position themselves as market experts.

Sales Comps

Sales comps are ever-crucial for brokers to form an accurate assessment of the valuation of their listings. By searching a database of over 13 million comps, viewable by square footage, region, class, and much more, brokers can understand current and historic market conditions and provide expert-level insight to their clients.

Property Records

Crexi’s brokers can search for property records on every listing – sold, leased, or currently active – on the site. Property records offer real-time insights and aggregate all property information directly on each listing’s page and at scale in searches. This convenient collection of data features insights into:

  • Foot traffic data
  • Climate factors
  • Valuation calculators
  • Location details
  • Lot details
  • Building details
  • Tax history
  • Transaction history
  • Ownership history 

Why is this so helpful? This collected data saves brokers hours of research and due diligence efforts. Not to mention the ability to build out your contact list by exploring ownership history and contact information.

The Bottom Line

While Crexi’s free capabilities are more than enough to enhance broker workflows, the true power of our platform and tools unlocks with a PRO membership. There are so many creative ways to use Crexi PRO for business success, but don’t take our word for it. Our Trustpilot reviews and library of case studies show how real brokers have collectively transacted over $440 billion in property value.

And if you’re ready to explore the full capacity of PRO, check out our Broker Plans here.

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